COVID-19 Is Much More Complex a Disease than Previously Thought

While I do not fully understand the complexities, it appears that COVID-19 is not only a disease that affects the lungs, and leads to death as a result of lung damage. Recent studies seem to indicate that it has an effect on blood clotting, causing clots in some and hemorrhaging in others, leading to strokes in young patients without any prior history of disease.

It also appears that it affects blood oxygen levels in a way that may hide the disease from detection, and affects other organs than the lungs, such as the kidneys and the liver. It is, apparently, much more insidious than previously thought.

The following link will lead to an article in Talking Points Memo which tries to explain some of the complexities which have been recently discovered. There are parts where words have been omitted unintentionally which may make certain sentences confusing, but the article is very informative, and a very concerning. It is well worth reading. The article also contains links to source materials which may be beneficial to those with an interest in the complexity of the disease.
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