COVID-19 Deaths Now Exceed Total US Deaths During Viet Nam War

As of 2:30 PM, Pacific Daylight Time, on April 28, 2020, the number of deaths from COVID-19 exceeded the total of US deaths in the Viet Nam War by 145. Per the National Archives, the number of US deaths in the Viet Nam Conflict totaled 58,220 souls. Per Johns Hopkins, the total number of deaths from COVID-19 as of 2:30 PM, Pacific Daylight Time on April 28, 2020 totaled 58,365 souls. The US has over 1,000,000 recorded cases of COVID-19, which is approximately one-third of all COVID-19 cases worldwide.

To put these numbers in context, the first death in the Viet Nam Conflict occurred during the Eisenhower Administration, in 1956. An additional eight deaths also occurred during the Eisenhower Administration between 1956 and 1960. The last seven deaths in the Viet Nam Conflict were recorded as Viet Nam casualties between 1987 and 2006, no doubt when the remains of these last seven were recovered and thus listed as deaths rather than MIA. The other 58,204 deaths in Viet Nam occurred between 1961 and 1975. A total of 62 deaths were recorded in 1975, when the US finally withdrew from Southeast Asia. While US personnel died in Viet Nam over a period of 20 years, the vast majority died during the 15 years between 1961 and 1975. All relevant statistics regarding Viet Nam deaths can be found at the link below:

The first US death from COVID-19 occurred on February 6, 2020, when a 57 year old woman died in Santa Clara County, California. Deaths from COVID-19 are still occurring daily in the US, as I write. Thus it took COVID-19 a total of 82 days to kill as many Americans as died from the longest major war in US history. I say major war because the war in Afghanistan which began in 2001,is still ongoing, 19 years later, but with significantly fewer casualties than occurred in Viet Nam.

From the first death in Viet Nam in 1956 to the last war death in Viet Nam, in 1975, took plus or minus 20 years. COVID-19 surpassed that grim number in 82 days.


  • thanks to china for lying to the world and allowing 1 million people to fly out of wuhan when china know the wuhan virus was capable of human to human transmission.
  • Thanks to the Liar-in-Chief Trump for telling everyone that there was nothing to worry about and that it would all be over by April.

    Trump has made America Number One in the world....for deaths from Covid-19.

    Make America Grieve Again

  • Thanks China for covering it up and sending allowing 1 million people to fly to other countries when they know it was able to transfer from human to human.

    The projected amount of US deaths from this chinese virus was in the millions but Trumps swift action and because he moved fast is the reason only thousands have died not the millions the mainstream media and CDC predicated./b>

  • Viruses do not have citizenship, genius.

    Covid-19 is a deadly virus, not an ideology, no matter what your Ignoramus-in-Chief wants you to believe.

  • @FactsMatter, wuhan virus started in a lab in wuhan china that was funded by Obama.

    Trump Vows To End Obama Admin’s Funding of Wuhan Coronavirus Lab

    Your black leader is as much as responsible for this along with your party. Your leader and your party gave the chinese millions in US taxpayers money to study and developed COVID-19

  • BS, Fascist Man. No one buys your pitiful attempt to blame Obama for Trump's screw ups for the past three years.
  • @FactsMatter, i don't care what people buy or not buy. What i do care about is the Chinese propaganda coming from you. Thats what i care about.

    Remember, Obama administration gave millions of US dollars to the chinese government to fund the same laboratory that Covid19 originated from.

    Its all about countering the chinese propaganda with me.
  • Did you know when Trump ban travel to and from china from the US he was called a racist by media and Democrats? He did it 2 months before other major countries did and he was called a racist.

    Thank god we have Trump. If not we be fucked right now.
  • Guess what, Rasta? You are. lol
  • its not something to be happy about FM. 40 of those ,60,000 are Micronesians. You happy?
  • Let's remember that Joe is being accused of the same thing Democrats accused trump off without evidences. Sexual assaults by multiple women's.
  • Wrong thread, Pornstar. This thread is about corruption in the FSM.

    Keep on the topic, or start your own thread.

    @ Rasta, no I am not happy that Trump is destroying America. Are you?
  • Today, 04/30/2020, the number of Americans and US residents who have died after contracting COVID-19 has exceeded the number of US deaths in the Viet Nam war and the 09/11/2001 attack combined. And the deaths continue.
  • Flynn case making the news. Obama administration set him up.
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  • The Bonespurs-in-Chief avoided serving during the Vietnam War while 50,000 other Americans died.

    Now he's avoiding all responsibility for even more deaths from the pandemic.

    Making America Grieve Again
  • Rats as man says “thank god we have trump if not we be fucked right now”. So 60,000 dead is not “fucked right now?” You are an idiot of the highest order rats ass man. At least you have something in common with the orange fuck face. That’s a vocabulary of 35 words. It explains why your monkey talks at a 3rd grade level.
  • People die every day since the beginning of time. How many people die from diabetes? A lot more than COVID-19 or the progressive mainstream propaganda lets you know.
  • <zero is absolutely correct. People die. Every day. By the tens of thousands, if not millions, every day. And so far, at least in the US, he is absolutely right about deaths from diabetes. In 2017, according to CDC statistics (hardly a source for progressive mainstream propaganda), 83,564 people died from diabetes. In twelve months. That is almost 20,000 deaths more from diabetes in 2017 than the +/- 68,000 Americans and US residents that have died since February 6 of this year. People die. Every day. No big thing.

    In fact, it would be much less expensive overall if we just let people die. Imagine if we didn't have to pay taxes for firefighters, and just let the idiots who got involved in fires die. The same with automobiles. People die every day in car crashes, probably more than 40,000 per year. Think about how much richer each of us would be if we just didn't buy insurance, or take car of the brakes on our cars, or replace broken tail lights, and just let people crash and burn. We could save huge amounts of money if we just did away with the extraordinary cost of police. And do away with prisons, to and let criminals run free. Those of us that wanted to live could just buy a few guns (people die in the thousands every year from gun violence) and shoot people that we think might maybe want to do us harm.

    We could avoid wearing masks to protect each other from lethal viruses. If we all had guns, we could take over state legislatures, and city governments, with guns strapped to our shoulders loaded and ready to kill if the government tried to make us stay home, or wear a mask, for our own benefit and the benefit of others.

    People die. Every day. By the tens of thousands. Over 80,000 dead from diabetes in the US in 2017 alone. Imagine how much richer we would all be if we just did away with medical care entirely. Survival of the fittest. The Darwinian Model of disease control.

    As I write, according to Johns Hopkins data, 67,447 US residents have died from COVID-19 over the past 87 days. Not a year. Not even three full months since the first known COVID-19 death in Santa Clara County, California on February 6, 2020.

    If you use the database, the number of US deaths is larger, 68,430. It will probably reach 70,000 by Wednesday, Thursday if some who will probably die have not died yet.

    By either measure, the number of US deaths from COVID-19 now exceeds the number of US deaths in Viet Nam (58,220), the first Gulf War under the first Bush president (294), the attacks of 09/11/2001 (2,996), and the Iraq War of Bush 43 (4,497) -- combined. It won't be long before we can include the Afghanistan war in that total number.

    But as <zero says, it is no big thing. People die. Everyday. Flu. Heart attacks. Diabetes. Gun fights. Car crashes. Fires, plagues and pestilence. Let 'em die. No big thing.

    Call me progressive, but I kind of like having firefighters, police, nurses and doctors, government regulators to keep the air and water fairly clean, even if it does cost a few sheckels. I would like to live a while longer, even if it does cost me some dollars.

    But <zero has a point. Let 'em die.
  • So, no defense for your hero, the Hoaxer-in-Chief, Rasta? lol
  • In my most recent post above, where I pointed out that we had suffered as many dead from coronavirus as were killed in the Viet Nam War, the first Gulf War, the 09/11 attacks, and the Iraq War, combined, I made this statement:

    If you use the database, the number of US deaths is larger, 68,430. It will probably reach 70,000 by Wednesday, Thursday if some who will probably die have not died yet.

    I was wrong. It did not take until Wednesday to reach 70,000 dead from COVID-19. That number was "achieved" (if anyone dare call it an achievement) today, Tuesday, May 5, 2020. More than 70,000 killed over the past 89 days. Not quite three months. We have achieved two records in this war against a virus, both of which we will break, again and again, probably until a vaccine is created, if ever.

    We have had the most cases of COVID-19 since this pandemic began, more recorded cases than any other nation on earth, regardless of the size of the population. More recorded cases than China, the most populous nation on earth. More recorded cases than India, the second most populous nation on earth. And more recorded cases than Indonesia, the third most populous nation on earth. And despite the fact that we hold the record, we are not satisfied. We will continue to increase the number of recorded cases on a hourly basis, seeking to become holders of a record which will never be broken.

    The second record is reflected in the number of dead victims of this virus. We have more than 70,000 dead from COVID-19, more dead than in the United Kingdom and Italy combined. More than twice as many deaths in the United States over the past three months than died in Italy, or Spain, or France, or the United Kingdom.

    And we will continue, hell bent, on making sure we do not surrender this record either. We will hold both of these records in perpetuity. Put us in the Guiness Book.
  • Z your stupidity rivals that of the great orange fuck face. Diabetes? How old are you? Can someone with diabetes kill another person with their diabetes by simply sneezing, coughing or touching them? Your an ass clown of the highest order. Must be a Trump University graduate.
  • You folks sound hysterical. Fear driven even, like oppressed subjects of a Nazi regime. There are less deaths thus far this year compared to previous years.
  • Are you still in elementary school, z?

    Deaths in the U.S. have increased by more than 65,000 compared to last only four months.

    Try to keep up with the news and the facts.
  • The latest deadly thing is bees from asia. Now that the US population has little fear of covid we are now being told that we must now watch out for these bees.

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