Former Senator and Vice President Biden Asks Secretary of Senate to Locate Tara Reade Complaint

As usual, the DOPE HEAD and his mini-me Anunaki take matters out of context and misrepresent statements of Vice President Biden because they can't admit that the Orange Baboon and Great Cult Leader is the greatest pussy grabber of all times, as the Great Cult Leader himself admitted during the campaign. It is, therefore, the duty of truth tellers to explain how the two mini baboons seek to deceive the twelve or so remaining readers of this forum.

As can be seen in the article from The Hill, just published, former Vice President Biden has made an official request of the Secretary of the Senate to search for, and if found make public, the sexual harassment complaint allegedly filed by Tara Reade. According to the article, Mr. Biden had originally been led to believe that if such a complaint existed, it would have been transferred to the National Archives. That is the reason he first suggested that the National Archives locate the record, if it exists, and make it public.

Mr. Biden was informed today, after his interview, that Senate personnel records, such as records of sexual harassment, and retaliation, are kept as official records under control of the Secretary of the Senate, and he immediately requested that the Secretary of the Senate search for and locate and make public any such records as well as any additional records relating to Reade in the official records of the Senate.

Ms. Reade has apparently represented that she believes the record of her complaint would be with Mr. Biden's records at the University of Delaware:

"Reade has said that she believes the complaint is in Biden’s Senate records, which are housed at the University of Delaware."

Reade does not say why she has such a belief, as she has not been an employee of the Senate for over a quarter of a century. If she had actual knowledge of such facts, she should reveal the source of her information.

There are two reasons why Biden justifies refusal to make his Senate records public. First, "[T]he school has said that it will not release the records until two years after Biden has retired from public life." Without the consent of the University of Delaware, making the records available would be problematic, and if such a limitation is a condition of the gift of his records, the School could lose control of the records.

The second reason is the Trump campaign would clearly use the opportunity to take his Senate records out of context and use the information against Mr. Biden in the upcoming campaign:

He declined to make the Senate records public or to allow for a search, saying that his political rivals could take the material out of context and use it against him in the general election.

"The fact is that there’s a lot of things that — of speeches I have made, positions I have taken, interviews that I did overseas with people, all of those things relating to my job. And the idea that they would all be made public and the fact while I was running for a public office they could be really taken out of context," Biden said.

"The papers are position papers," he added. "They are documents that existed and that when I ... met with Putin or when I met with whomever. And all of that to be fodder in a campaign at this time I don’t know of anybody who’s done anything like that."

Since the mini-baboons DOPE HEAD and Anunaki cannot prove the allegations against Mr. Biden, they have made this issue the cause celebre of their campaign against Mr. Biden. I urge them to immediately provide factual and irrefutable proof that Ms. Reade's records are at the University of Delaware, and factual proof that such records exist, that Mr. Biden knows they exist, and that Mr. Biden is concealing the records, despite the fact that he has asked the Secretary of the Senate and the National Archives to search for any such records.

Absent such irrefutable proof, it would appear, once again, that DOPE HEAD and Anunaki are just blowing smoke out of their asses. All because they have a hard time admitting that their Great Cult Leader, the Orange Baboon, is admittedly and proudly the GREATEST PUSSY GRABBER OF ALL TIME! And it is on video tape and audio tape!



  • Biden refused to release the documents he asked a judge in Delaware to seal. Those documents are prohibited by a judge who obama appointed. What a coincidence.

    If its not true then why ask a Obama appointed judge to seal those informations and prohibit them from being release?
  • What is the name of the Judge? When was the order from the Judge sought. When did the Judge sign the order? Where was the Court from which the order issued? Or is the DOPE HEAD just blowing more smoke out of his ass?

  • Only a judge can seal the documents and the judge who biden asked to do this was appointed by none other than Obama, Biden asked these documents to be sealed weeks ago..

  • Who the hell told you that only a judge can seal documents, or prevent their disclosure? I certainly hope you didn't hire the person who told you that as your lawyer, because if you did you are f**ked!

    So you don't look so stupid in the future, the donor of personal papers can condition the donation on the basis that the personal papers not be opened for public review or study for as many years as they want. This is done for any number of reasons, such as the fact that the papers are records of a public servant who remains a public servant, and who doesn't want his papers viewed until he or she leaves public service. Good God you are stupid.

    And I guess I can assume from your response that you have no idea whether a judge actually sealed Senator Biden's Senate papers. And that would mean, to any semi-literate monkey, that the rest of your response is simply a lie that you cannot get out of. Name the Judge, DOPE HEAD. Provide a link to any article or document which proves your statement. Or admit you are just blowing it out your ass.

    Look out, don't light a match. FAARRRT!
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