Tara Reade Says She Did Not File A Sexual Harrassment/Assault Complaint

How about that. After the DOPE HEAD and Anunaked accused Joe Biden of hiding and refusing to disclose the harrassment/ assault complaint that they say Tara Reade filed in 1993, Tara Reade has now told the Associated Press that she did not file any complaint that alleged sexual harrassment or sexual assault.


From The Hill article:

Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer who has alleged she was sexually assaulted by former Vice President Joe Biden, told The Associated Press that the complaint she filed 27 years ago did not explicitly accuse the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee of sexual harassment or assault.

So I guess when Mr. Biden said his Senate records at the University of Delaware did not contain any sexual harassment or sexual assault complaint brought by Ms. Reade, he was telling the absolute, unvarnished truth. Because according to Ms. Reade, there was never -- not in 1993, and certainly not today -- any such complaint in existence. Anywhere.

The article continues:

Reade, who previously said she filed a sexual harassment complaint against Biden, said “uncomfortable” was the main word she used in her complaint and noted she was fearful of retaliation. Reade said she intended to report the harassment and assault but “chickened out.”

So this spring, after the Super Tuesday primaries all but ended Bernie Sanders campaign for the Democratic nomination, the Bernie Sanders supporter alleges, for the first time ever, that she was sexually assaulted by then Senator Biden. She says she filed a complaint. Everybody gets their knickers in a twist. And as it turns out, no sexual harassment or sexual assault complaint was ever filed. Because this alleged victim of digital rape (DOPE HEAD's word) "chickened out."

So I guess if the Secretary of the Senate finds a complaint filed by Tara Reade, it will be a complaint where she alleges that Senator Biden made her "uncomfortable" because he asked her to serve drinks because she had nice legs. Give me an effing break.

Of course the DOPE HEAD, and Anunaked, and the Gun Smuggler owe Mr. Biden an apology, but I guess that will happen about the same time the Great Cult Leader apologizes for being an idiot.

Make America Gag Again.

Keep America GAGGING!


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