Secretary of the Senate Says It Cannot Disclose Records Sought by Former Senator Biden

In a statement today, the Office of the Secretary of the Senate, responding to the request from former Senator Biden, said it had no discretion to release the records sought by the former Senator. After consulting with the Senate Office of Legal Counsel, the Secretary of the Senate said the law forbids it to make public or release such records.

Biden's representatives responded to the statement with a letter asking three questions:

The Biden campaign responded to the secretary's decision later Monday with three questions: if the existence of the records is subject to disclosure; if there is anyone else, such as Reade, who could request the release of the related documents; and if the Senate could release procedures and materials that the Office of Senate Fair Employment Practices followed in 1993 for processing these types of complaints.

We can all now expect the DOPE HEAD to make up some more lies or slanders. This news (and it is factual news, published by both The Hill and Politico, as well as other media outlets), should really piss off the DOPE HEAD!


  • The Senate is controlled by Republicans. If there was any evidence that Biden did something wrong, you can be sure that Mitch McConnell would find it and make it public.

    So denying Biden's request is more evidence that this alleged incident has no factual basis.

    Nice try, Trumpers. lol
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