The Police Finally Caught Rastaman

After following him down Interstate 15, a Utah state trooper finally stopped and arrested the DOPE HEAD!

Read all about it here:


  • As truthful a post as anything every posted by Rasta and the other fans of the Liar-on-Chief.
  • I'm in the east coast @SaremChuuk never will i set foot in California. Did you know California is having another up tick on corona virus cases as we speak? All coming in from those illegals they been taking in from the southern border.

  • That's you in the hood. KKK proving you are racist. You are lying when you say you are on the East Coast. You will probably next say you are getting your Master's Degree. In what, Master Bating? That's you, I checked the police record and it said you traveled from the East Coast with your hood and robe and tried to intimidate gentle people in a grocery store. Just like a Nazi.

    You can't even spell believe. And you claim to be in college. Who did you blow?
  • @SaremChuuk, he is white like you. Never will i set foot in California. Too much human shit in your streets in California and many shootings in California and many illegals. Not safe.

  • @Rasta, smoking ganja is now legal in California. So you would love it there.

    And you should love the shootings too since you are a HUGE 2nd Amendment guy. lol
  • @FactsMatter, its been decriminalize in the state I'm in and get a dispensary just 10 minutes drive from where i live. I'm good here in the east coast. No human shit on sidewalk no homeless camps and no covid outbreak and no illegals. Safe and secure. Conceal carry is hard to get in California and the gun laws in California are one of the toughest in the nation. Its tougher for a law abiding citizen to own gun in California than a gang member or drug dealing illegal.

    The 2nd is for self defense not drive by shootings like they do California. Thanks but no thanks.

  • California beaches bikinis surfing. The best state in America. What part of the south poor redneck hick country lowest education state are you rats ass? Welfare recipient state are you from?
  • I'm from Saipan but attending college at the east coast. California rank 5th in US states with high corona virus. California has more than half of all unsheltered homeless people in the country at 53% or 108,432, nearly nine times as many as the state with the next highest number. California has the 10 cities in the US with highest homeless population and drive by shootings i believe was invented in California.

    Keep your beaches, bitches. I'm good at the moment here in the east coast.
  • California is not safe to live in. Its atop the San Andreas fault line. And here is the interesting and scary part, s cientist's don't know when its going to happen. One big earth quick and millions in California will die. California its stop 5 different tectonic plates which are moving.


    Here is a video that shows what will happen to California if one of the fault lines shift even a few feet.

    Like said stay in Califronia. Its a beautiful tomb.
  • You are one scared dude, Rasta.

    Afraid of earthquakes. Afraid of homeless people. Afraid of people trying to shoot you on the street. Afraid of immigrants.

    Afraid, afraid, afraid. No wonder you fall for Trump's MAGA BS.
  • @facts, no one in their right mind would buy a house in a street that has drive by shootings, illegal immigrants who are selling drugs and has a history of having earthquakes. No one in their right mind would send their kids to a school that has a homeless camp next to it. You may like living in area covered in human shit, gang related gun violence, drug dealing but no me. If that's what you like than by all mean go to California.

    I'm a 2nd generation son of two immigrants who moved to the US legally who had to saved money and they did it the right and lawful and legal way. Do it the lawful and legal way and there won't be no one will bother you.

    My believes in capitalism, less government, putting citizens of this country first were well established years before Trump got involved with the GOP.

  • Kid was driving to CA? Typical Democrats' kids inspired by the Hollywood and mainstream media. Libtards.
  • What is it like to live in constant fear? Must be miserable for you. You have my sympathy.
  • This is the average street in California. Human shit everywhere.

    This is you average homeless person in California, taking shit on the streets.

    This is the average street in down town san Francisco. Syringes on every side walk and play ground and parks because homeless and drug dealers doing heroin.

    This is the average gangs in Califronia and California is known as the gang capital of the US.

    @red and @facts like i said you can have all that beach. I'm good.
  • Good to know you have been in California taking all these photos, Rasta.

    You must really enjoy shit and guns. You certainly photograph them a lot. lol
  • @facts, all credit goes to google image. And i did my research. It was either California or the east coast for college and i made the right choice.

    Enjoy those beaches on shitty California bitches.
  • I don't live in California, Rasta, and I don't post photos of shit like you do. Only of Trump. lol
  • BTW, how are your studies going these days, RastaMon?

    You certainly have lots of time to spread Trump manure. Are you an agriculture major? lol
  • Online classes is what we are doing now @FactsMatter. Can smoke up in my dorm while watching the days lessons from my Apple laptops.

    You said i would love california well is say hell fucking no to that liberal hell hole. Shit on the streets, homeless camps everywhere and gangs shooting each other and illegals bringing in drugs and covid from Mexico.

    Keep them damn beaches bitches.
  • If you were Micronesian, RastMon, you would LOVE beaches....and bitches. lol
  • BTW, what kind of educational institution allows their students to smoke in the school dorms?

    Trump U ? lol
  • @FactsMatter, and if i was Micronesian i would love climbing coconut trees too and dancing the hula.

    I believe they call that stereotype. So thats what you think of us? I like any other islander love the sound of the waves hitting the shore line and like any other islander I don't like going to a beach where there is syringes and human shit on the beach and in the water nor will i go to a beach where human take shit in like they do in California.

    You 3 idiots can keep those beaches in California, bitches. More beautiful beaches back home in Saipan and Kosrae.

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