A Political Ad From the Lincoln Project, an Organization of Real Republicans

The Lincoln Project is a group of former and current Republicans. Republicans as they were before Trumpism. Republicans in the conservative mold of Eisenhower, Goldwater, Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Republicans who believe in true conservative values.

Click on the link below to view their latest political advertisement. It is short, and is a remake of Reagan's ad entitled "Morning in America". The title of this ad is "Mourning in America".


  • @SaremChuuk, Republican In Name Only or as we call them, RINO's. Never Trumpers who didn't support Trump in 2016 till now. Career politicians. We don't need these Fake Republicans. I won't be surprised if they lose their seats to the real Republicans running against them next election.

    Reagan's and Eisenhowers legacy are alive and well under Mitch and Trumps leadership.

    God bless american and Maker America Great again.
  • We call them NEVER TRUMPISTS. We welcome them with open arms. We help them when we can. Reagan and Eisenhower would be Democrats today, just like Reagan started out as a Democrat and Union leader. And none of the people who run the Lincoln Project are running for office.

    Tell some more lies, and go fuck your mother.

    Make America GAG Again.
  • @SaremChuuk you can have them girl. They will lose their seats next election. Reagan and Eisenhower would call you Democrats now days socialists. Reagan left your party because it saw it for what it is and he predicted you liberals would switch to socialism and he was right. Eisenhower like Trump despised Career politicians and like Trump he believed a deep state exist.

    Know your history bitch. Less foreign entanglements, strong US economy, putting americans first, limiting powers of the federal governments, no to nationalized healthcare, strong military, strong border security. Were things both Reagan and Eisenhower main focus in their foriegn and domestic policies. The same things Trump foreign and domestic policy and agenda is all about.
  • @SaremChuuk, you do know who would be a Democrat if he was here? Hitler. He was a Socialist and the policies he did in Germany you Democrats want to do in America.

  • Are you whining about Hitler again? Why don't you go join him in the cellar. I am sure you and he would get along just fine. Or maybe you should stop by Charlottesville, get a Tiki Torch, and march past the synagogue. I understand you Nazi White Supremacists like to intimidate Jewish people. From what I heard, intimidation makes Nazi dicks hard? Is that true?

    Whine, Whine, Whine, and it isn't even Merlot. Just Nazi whine.

    And Trump has done a great job with domestic policy now hasn't he. 33 million unemployed over the past six weeks. 72,000+ dead and over 200,000 ill with a virus that he invented and then ignored. GDP shrunk by 5.5% over the past quarter. Tariffs on everybody, which have killed the US agricultural sector. Why don't you go give your Great Cult Leader a blow job. I understand he likes that. Maybe he will give you a job. Something productive like third assistant liar in waiting.
  • @SaremChuuk, you have are a closet white supremacist and Hitler was socialist and a white supremacist. He would fit right in your party.

    The ideals of Reagan and Eisenhower are alive and well under Trump and Mitch leadership.
  • Well, maybe that will only be so for about six more months. Maybe God will send a thunderbolt from Heaven, and drive your Nazi leaders from their perches. Put Biden back into the White House, and send Mitch back to Kentucky, replaced by a WOMAN! I know, you won't let that happen. You and your cult will see that your Cult Leader will be re-elected, and his mini-me will continue to run the Senate. Except that Democrats may retake the Senate.

    You are afraid, aren't you idiot? You are deathly afraid that the Republicans will suffer the kind of defeat they suffered in 2018 when the Democrats took an unbeatable majority in the House, and put Nancy Pelosi in charger. You are deathly afraid of losing the Senate and the White House to Democrats!

    Well be afraid. Sleep well, and be afraid.
  • @SaremChuuk, the American people chose Trump i ln 2016. And they will do so again because they like what he is doing.

    I'm more than 250% sure in saying Trump will be reelected along with Mitch and Republicans keeping the Senate and taking the house. Joe is senile. Close to 30% of Democrats want to take Joe off the Presidential ticket according to a poll today. You love them polls. And 49% of Independents approve of Trump according to a Gallup poll released 2 days ago.

    I can't wait for November. Because i know already.
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