Coronavirus May Have Arrived in the US from Europe, Not China

Researchers have discovered a case of COVID-19 in France where the patient had taken himself to the hospital in late December of 2019. Their conclusion, which seems inescapable, is that the virus was present and circulating in France in December of 2019, more than a month before any sign of the virus in the US. This discovery was made by going over old records of hospitalizations where the victim was presumed but not proven to have contracted influenza.

Assuming the science is correct, then the discovery may explain why New York City was the focal point of the greatest epidemic of COVID-19. No doubt travel between Europe and the US occurs primarily between European capitals and major New York airports, such as JFK and Newark. If the virus was in Paris, and presumably Italy before January 1, 2020, it could easily have been transported to the US and begun circulating in New York before anyone had a clear idea of it's existence.

It could also explain how the first death on the West Coast occurred in the first week of February, in a woman who had no travel history. The virus could simply have spread from the East Coast to the West Coast, rather than from China to the West Coast. The news opens up much more significant possibilities about the spread of the virus. After learning of the existence of the virus, US efforts were focused on sources originating in China. Nobody was looking for transmission from Europe, at least until it was clearly too late.

It also could demonstrate that the Trump administration travel ban on travel from Wuhan, China, was too little too late. The ban on travel from Wuhan was not issued until January 29, 2020, more than a month after the newly discovered victim of COVID-19 presented at a Paris hospital.

Even more concerning, the Trump administration did not impose a ban on travel from Europe until the middle of March, 2020. This would be fully two months after the virus was clearly in and circulating throughout Europe. And given a two months head start in New York City, it would explain why New York became such a hot spot for the virus. It had been circulating in the New York area for a couple of months before any action was taken to limit its spread.

Too little too late. And now well over 70,000 are dead.


  • So its Europe's fault? In case you missed the point of this article from the CNN. Its there in black and white @SaremChuuk. China knew way earlier about the coronavirus than what it told the world health organization. At the same time china was keeping this in the dark China imported millions of medical supplies and stop exporting mask and other medical supplies to the world. China was preparing months ahead before it told the world health organization.

    China purposely and intentionally release the covid to the world.
  • Of course you know this because you are the smartest man on the face of the earth, right DOPE? The point of the article is that the source of the virus in the US might have been Europe. How it got to Europe, I don't know and I don't really care. But it is possible, to people with brains instead of oatmeal in their skulls, to people who can think rather than puke Chinese hatred spewed by FOX News, that the virus arrived in the US from Europe.

    Don't bother to acknowledge that possibility, DOPE. Keep yourself ignorant. That way, you don't have to acknowledge that you don't know everything. Life is always much better if you think you are better than anyone else, that you know more than anyone else, that those who think differently than you are wrong, and only you are right.

    So keep on keeping on, DOPE, until somebody close to you dies. And even then, you will blame China, the country and the people, rather than good old Mother Nature. What a dumb ass fool. Do you have any friends outside of the Gun Smuggler and the Raper and <zero and Anunaked?

    What I don't understand is how you have avoided becoming one of the Great Cult Leader's most trusted advisors? He really missed when he didn't hire you as National Security Adviser. Why don't you write him and let him know you are available?
  • @SaremChuuk, China intentionally allowed people to take flights out of wuhan to europe and the rest of the world.

    We blame the communist party of China for doing this to the world. China knew months about the disease before it told the WHO. They were losing the trade war with Trump and bam they unleash the wuhan virus to the world.
  • MAGA 70,000 keep greatness going!
  • Actually, China (meaning the Chinese Communist Party and not the Chinese People, as you so clearly distinguish elsewhere) forced Chinese slaves to get on planes in Wuhan under threat of immediate death as part of their plan to kill all the rest of the people in the world. Isn't that what they did, DOPE?

    The Chinese Communist Party, angry at the Great Cult Leader for his trade tariffs, made a death causing biological agent by manipulating the SARS virus, and then injected it into Chinese slaves, all capitalists, who to the Chinese Communist Party are the expendable Chinese people, in order to make them carriers of the virus. Then they ordered them onto planes, thousands of them, under threat of immediate death, and sent them on those planes to all of the capitals of the world to spread the lethal infection among the other capitalists of the world, to kill capitalism in the name of Communism!

    How do I know that? Because you and your friends told me so. Because FOX News told you the conspiracy existed, and because you, being the SMARTEST MAN ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, believe everything FOX News tells you. That is how I know. Because you are the smartest DOPE.

    I am so sorry to have not believed you earlier. But now that I know how really smart you are, I am glad I have finally accepted the truth of the great threat that the Chinese people who are members of the Chinese Communist Party (not the Chinese People who are not members of the Chinese Communist Party and are therefore expendable Capitalists) present to the world. It is all the fault of the Chinese People who are Part of the Chinese Communist Party, not really China but just those Chinese Communist people.

    BTW, where was your underwear made? How about your toothbrush?

    You are such an incredibly smart DOPE.
  • @SaremChuuk, yes it did you stupid senile old fool.

    They knew about the disease and knew it was able to transfer from human to human. Stopped exports of medical supplied but at the same time started importing tons of medica supplies. Ban the WHO from entering wuhan and arrested people and journalists who were reporting on the disease. At the same time china stopped domestic flights while allowed international flights.
  • How China locked down internally for COVID-19, but pushed foreign travel
    April 30, 2020, 10:55 AM IST

    There is new evidence to show that China locked down all domestic traffic internally by end January 2020 but pushed to open foreign travel till end March. Data from Tom Tom traffic index, a traffic location site that covers 416 cities across 57 countries show that as a result of this strategy, China, intentionally or otherwise, was able to lockdown its cities unknown to the world. While this reduced the spread of the Corona virus within China, China’s aggressive foreign travel policy lead to a virus explosion worldwide. Here is the chronological events of what happened with the requisite traffic data from 10 major cities globally and the statements from Chinese leaders that will help readers reach their own conclusions.

    Beijing & Shanghai were isolated by Jan, domestic flights curtailed

    The COVID- 19 virus first surfaced in Wuhan in the last week of December. On 31 December 2019 Chinese health officials first reported to WHO that 41 patients in Wuhan had contracted a mysterious pneumonia that was not responding to conventional treatment. As most patients were from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market it was closed on the 1st of January. On the 7th of January Chinese scientists identified the virus as a novel Coronavirus later termed as the COVID-19 virus. On the 11th of January the virus claimed its first life in Wuhan city. On 13th January Thailand reported the first case of Coronavirus outside China. On 20th of January Zong Nanshan the scientist named by China to lead the battle against the virus stated ” Now we can say that it is certain that it is a human to human transmission phenomenon”.

    On January 22 at a meeting to decide the measures to be taken, WHO was not able warn the world of the severity of COVID-19 apparently because of resistance from Beijing. (WHO referred to it as “divergent views”) On January 23 Wuhan city was placed under quarantine and two days later the entire Hubei province was locked down. The Chinese state machinery was harnessed to enforce an unprecedented quarantine on 50 million people across 15 cities. In the last week of January domestic flights from Hubei to other parts of China was stopped and restrictions on traffic movement in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai were initiated. This was the time of the Chinese New Year when offices and schools are normally closed and it is also the prime tourism season for the Chinese. On the 31st January Italy fearing a major outbreak of Coronavirus from hundreds of tourists arriving from China closed all flights to and from China.

    China’s traffic density below 10% in Feb, but criticises global traffic curbs

    China’s vice-minister of foreign affairs Qin Gang met Italy’s ambassador to China Luca Ferrari in Beijing following the flight ban. “Italy’s decision to stop flights without contacting China in advance caused great inconvenience to citizens of both countries. Many Chinese are still stranded in Italy,” the foreign ministry said on its website the following day. The U.S. issued a travel advisory against China travel on the 2nd of February but did not ban all services. While Chinese authorities limited domestic flights from Wuhan to other Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai in an effort to contain the outbreak in January, it urged international carriers to maintain their flying schedules. The Civil Aviation Administration of China stated “In order to meet the needs of passengers in and out of the country and the international transport of supplies during this special period … airlines [are required to] … continue transport to nations that have not imposed travel restrictions.”

    China’s assertion that all was well for international travel was supported by the WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the opening of the agency’s Executive Board meet on the 3rd February. He said ” There is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade. We call on all countries to implement decisions that are evidence-based and consistent. WHO stands ready to provide advice to any country that is considering which measures to take,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying criticised the US advisories saying “The U.S. government hasn’t provided any substantial assistance to us, but it was the first to evacuate personnel from its consulate in Wuhan, the first to suggest partial withdrawal of its embassy staff, and the first to impose a comprehensive travel ban on Chinese travellers”

    While China continued to protest against international travel bans it successfully quarantined Wuhan and other affected cities. The total domestic lockdown of Hubei province and the flight ban imposed inside China had immediate effect. As per data from Tom Tom traffic index Wuhan had a traffic density of 60% in January while Shanghai and Beijing had nearly 80% density. After the total lockdown the average traffic density fell to below 10% in Wuhan and Shanghai during February and below 5% in Beijing. While implementing a total domestic lockdown in February, China kept assuring the world that the situation was not serious and fully under control.

  • WHO declares global pandemic belatedly in March, nations unprepared

    China kept on the facade of hiding the severity of the virus attack till mid March. On the 11th of March WHO belatedly declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. By that time the number of cases globally had grown thirteen fold. As per WHO website more than 118,000 cases had been reported in 114 countries, and 4,291 people had lost their lives when the global pandemic was declared. That is when the rest of the world started preparing for a suitable response to the pandemic, nearly two months after China.

    It was only after a telephonic conversation with US President Donald Trump on March 27th that Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to curb international flights from China. China’s Civil Aviation Administration stated after the discussion “that 90% of international flights would be temporarily suspended. The number of incoming passengers would be cut to 5,000 a day, from 25,000. China has also ordered local airlines to maintain only one route per country, once a week, as of 29th March”. By the end of March COVID-19 had become a full blown global crisis with nearly 10,000 deaths in Italy, Spain and the US and over 5000 in Iran and the UK which was much more than those dead in China.

    As per data from Tom Tom traffic index the traffic density in Wuhan remained low at around 10% of the normal traffic in March while the major business centres like Beijing and Shanghai which had less than a few thousand cases of COVID-19 and half a dozen deaths showed partial recovery of traffic to around 40%. The rest of the world oblivious of the need for total lockdown took time to react. The traffic remained high at over 60% in major cities like Rome, Milan, Madrid, Paris, London, New York, New Delhi and Mumbai during March.

    Australia calls for investigation, China and WHO must be made accountable

    The Tom Tom traffic data index shows that in all other global cities like Rome, Milan, Madrid, Paris, London, New York, New Delhi and Mumbai the traffic density dropped to 10% only in the month of April when most nations went under lockdown. This was a clear two months after China went in for a domestic lock down and allowed the virus to proliferate to international destinations through human contact. The traffic density in Beijing and Shanghai rose to over 60% in April showing that the Chinese cities and its economy was back to normal functioning.

    While China limited its losses to below 5000 by end April 2020, the US had lost 60,000 lives, Italy, Spain, France and UK above 20,000 each and the world saw over 200,000 deaths that was nearly doubling every fortnight. So though the virus had originated from China which initially infected citizens from 27 nations, because of China’s diabolic international travel policy it spread rapidly to a totally unprepared Europe, mainly Italy and Spain and thereafter to the rest of the world becoming a global pandemic. So weather the virus was produced in the Wuhan Virology Institute as an exercise of bio-terrorism or simply arrived unintentionally due to bat and pangolin infected blood from its exotic animal markets in Wuhan, China is answerable for the way it allowed the virus to spread.

    Australia has called for an international investigation into the spread of COVID-19 and all nations of the world including India must back the move. Also it has been suggested that the leadership and the action of WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus needs to be probed. All nations including India need to support such an investigation for it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • @S@SaremChuuk, stop making excuses for Chinas communist party.
  • So I guess it is time to go to war against the Chinese Communist Party! Sign me up! Give me a gun and point me at the Chinese people who are members of the Chinese Communist Party so I make sure I don't kill any good Chinese people, only Chinese people who are members of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Anything to get my mind off the deaths. We need to go to war against the Chinese Communist Party, so we don't have to keep thinking about COVID-19. We need a real war so we can open the restaurants and bars!

    Just give me a gun, and give me some bullets, and point me at the right Chinese people! And let me know where I can get some American made underwear, and shoes, and a toothbrush. And some American made medical supplies. They have this virus, after all. And apparently they have no compunction against using it against the rest of the world.

    Help me, DOPE, you are the smartest man on the face of the earth!
  • Who's talking about war? Make them pay billions to each country that infected by the wuhan virus. Cripple their economy put more tougher sanctions on them. Kick them out of the WHO, pull out US manufacturing from China and kick them out of the world trade organization.

    @SaremChuuk, if a war ever start between the US AND China we know you will be fighting on China's side.
  • I'll be back sarem. I have to go get dinner and some buds before the stores close.
  • it as been investigated and found no fault for lap in China also, not a man made virus like Trump's fake people trying to make false narrative. all to cover Trump's failure to handle the situation. all these China this WHO this is only trying to shift blame from Trumps failure.
  • So we make them pay billions! Why not trillions? And wouldn't it be better if we just paid the billions ourselves, since we owe China lots of billions, which they have been kind enough to lend us to keep our consumer economy afloat and keep the rich people rich? Or should we just default on the debt we owe to China, blowing a hole in our constitution and causing a worldwide depression at the same time. Remember the "full faith and credit" clause?

    And if we cripple their economy, how do we get the billions out of them to pay to other countries that suffered by their perfidy, and it truly is perfidy, if what you say is true? And if we kick them out of WHO (assuming we have the power to kick any country out of WHO, other than ourselves), then on what organization can the rest of the developing world and undeveloped world depend on when it suffers a global medical emergency? After all, aren't the US and China the two biggest funders of WHO? Without our money, and without China's money, hell, WHO will cease to exists for everybody, won't it?

    And if we destroy the Chinese economy, won't that put a crimp in our own economy? Without an economy, China won't need anywhere as much oil and oil products as they use right now. That will really tank the oil industry, which isn't doing so well right now anyway. And oil is a really big part of our economy. Eliminating China's use of oil will no doubt lead to some pretty big bankruptcies in our own national oil industry (although gas might be cheaper, which might be a good thing. Or not....)

    And if we pull all US manufacturing out of China, where the hell will I get an iPhone? And underwear. And t-shirts? And sweat clothes. And where will women get purses and shoes? Good God, women will go crazy if they can't get a new purse with matching shoes at least once a month. The next thing the women will do is accuse all men of sexual assault, and where the hell will we be then?

    In fact, if were were to do half of what you propose, wouldn't that lead to a worldwide depression greater than the Great Depression which happened the last time Capitalists got really greedy? Hell, we have 33 million unemployed in the past six weeks, and new unemployment numbers due out tomorrow. Destroying the Chinese economy would make what has happened to the US economy since March look like a tailgate party at a University of Texas vs. Oklahoma football game. Or something like that.

    And what the hell do you mean you have to get dinner and some buds. You are supposed to be in Norfolk, which is on the East Coast of the United States, and it was about 2:30 PM there when you said you had to go out. That is lunch time, not dinner time, except if you are on the East Coast of Saipan, or Guam, and have just been lying.

    And where would you get buds in Norfolk, Virginia. Dope is illegal in Virginia, DOPE (as you should be if all were fair). WTF, are you getting yourself involved in criminal conduct?

    Or are you just lying. Silly me, of course you are lying. That is all you do, and you don't do that very well.
  • MAGA 70,000 dead! Keep greatness going! Orange fuck face keeps winning! Bring on 80,000!
  • Covid-45. More scary.
  • What appears to some people as a conspiracy by the Chinese Communist Party to infect the world on purpose, could possibly appear to other, no doubt less intelligent people than the DOPE, as a series of unfortunate fuck ups which did not really affect anything.

    In December, according to Just Security, before Chinese medical authorities notified WHO on December 31, 2019 of the outbreak of numerous pneumonia-like illnesses, the State of Alberta, in Canada, was in the marketplace buying Physical Protective Equipment for its hospital system. In mid-December, a couple of weeks before WHO learned of the outbreak from the Chinese on December 31.

    As reported by Just Security:

    Mid-to-late December 2019: A team of government public servants in Alberta, Canada responds to reports of an “influenza-like virus” in China by increasing their emergency stockpile of hospital masks, gloves, and gowns.

    After hearing about a “strange flu” from contacts in China, the Alberta Health Services supply procurement team doubles their normal order of hospital PPE in mid-December. In late December, management approves a huge new purchase, including about 500,000 additional N95 masks.

    So the argument of the haters of the Chinese Communist Party has at least one flaw. Public Servants in Alberta Province, Canada, had figured out there was a big problem in China from "contacts" within China and had begun the process to prepare for a worst possible scenario, an uncontrollable pandemic. On their own. Government employees acting on information they had received from people they knew in China.

    So now, Canada, with a socialist health care system run in large part by government public services, has a total of 63,500 +/- cases of COVID-19, and 4,230 +/- deaths from COVID-19. And although the US has finally begun to catch up with testing for the virus, Canada has conducted at least 1,000 more tests per 1 million of population than the US has, despite its socialist health care system.

    I would highly recommend reading the timeline from Just Security. It should curl your hair, if you have any left. And it might give those who are interested an idea of why we in the US could not find the means to do what Canada seems to have done almost automatically.
  • The Communist Plague includes socialist and their mainstream media. Trump 2020.
  • @SaremChuuk, We made socialist Nazi Germany pay for world war two so why not make Socialist China pay for the wuhan virus which china knowingly infected the world with.

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