A New Monmouth Poll has Biden Waxing Trump's Buttocks

A new Monmouth poll out today has Biden beating Trump by 9 percentage points, and has Biden at 50%, which is what he needs (plus one vote) to take back the White House for the guys in White Hats. The Black Hats got thumped, garnering only 41% in favor of the Great Cult Leader.

Here is a link to the poll itself: https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_US_050620/

Here is a link to an article from Axios that discusses the poll:


What Axios points out, and which should be of great interest to the Nazi Fascists who crawl around this Forum, is that the poll was taken after Tara Reade made her allegations about then Senator Biden. Despite the fact that among those who had an opinion, 37% believed Ms. Reade's allegations, while only 32% believed Biden, Biden still maintained a nine percentage point overall lead over Trump. That may be because when comparing the two men and their sexual escapades, Biden comes out looking like a saint in comparison to the Sexual Assaulter-in-Chief, president Rape Your Wife, and Cheat on All Three Wives, The Greatest Grabber of Genitals in the History of the World.

In a generic battle for the House of Representatives, the Democrats beat the crap out of the Republicans, again:

The Monmouth University Poll also finds that a generic ballot test for U.S. House of Representatives currently shows 52% of voters supporting the Democratic candidate in their district and 42% backing the Republican. This 10-point gap in Congressional preference is similar to the polling advantage Democrats held at a similar point in the last midterm election (49% to 41% in April 2018). Democrats went on to win the national House vote by 8 points that November (53% to 45%).

But we are a long way from the election. It is possible that the Democrats will eat the Fascist-in-Chief for lunch! Instead of a McDonalds burger!

Read and weep, DOPE, <zero, Raper, Gun Smuggler, and Anunaked.


  • Polls that had Hillary win the presidency in 2016. lol
  • Hillary beat The Molester-Genital-Grabber-in-Chief by 3,000,000 votes. Just like the polls said she would.

    Maybe we will have a clean sweep this fall. White House, Senate, and a larger majority in the House. If God wills it.
  • Hey DOPE, you missed this poll. <zero found it, but had nothing else to say when I told him Hillary beat your Great Cult Leader by THREE MILLION VOTES (3,000,000 votes) in 2016. Three million more voters voted for Hillary than your Liar-in-Chief, DOPE. And this Monmouth poll has Biden ahead by NINE PERCENTAGE POINTS, DOPE! That is a bigger margin than Hillary had in May of 2016.

    And did you see the part about the generic Congressional ballot? Democrats lead Republicans by TEN PERCENTAGE POINTS!

    Sweet dreams, idiot. Don't wet your underwear out of fear, loser.
  • Moving this poll up the ladder so the DOPE and his Nazi friends don't miss it. They don't seem to want to even acknowledge it, let alone criticize it.

    Hey, DOPE, where are you and why haven't you even acknowledged this poll? Are you afraid DOPE? Afraid that even though Biden has been accused of perfidy he still has a NINE PERCENTAGE POINT lead over your Great Cult Leader and we are less than six months away from the election? Are you afraid that the Congressional generic ballot indicates that even the Senate will be taken by Democrats?

    Come on, DOPE, tell us how polls don't mean anything unless they are polls you post in here!

  • Nazi's adopted Democrat's policies into their Nuremberg Laws. Notice how they want Americans confined and fearful, like Jews. Nazis used fear to control people. They controlled George Soros, a jew who persecuted his own people.
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