How to Avoid Conscription in Case of a War With the Chinese Communist Party

The DOPE and all of his Trumpist cult want us to hate the Chinese Communist Party (not China, just the Chinese Communist Party, which consists, according to the DOPE, of all of the Chinese people) for forcing Chinese people (and therefore by definition members of the Chinese Communist Party) to get onto airplanes under threat of immediate death and travel all over the world so they can kill everyone except Chinese people with the lethal biological weapon they invented and injected into their own people before they forced them onto the airplanes, called COVID-19.

So it is pretty clear that a war with the Chinese Communist Party is inevitable. And that war is going to take a lot of human capital, which will no doubt lead to reinstituting the draft. After all, how the hell do you go to war with a nation of 1.2 billion people or more with a US military which doesn't have even 1 million soldiers under arms.

Now the US military has given everyone a get out of the army free card. All anyone has to do, in order to avoid the draft and the inevitable war with the Chinese Communist Party, which consists of all Chinese people, is get COVID-19. No kidding. The military will not take anyone who has contracted, and survived, COVID-19.

What is still unknown is how it will treat the sailors on the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier, or the USS Kidd, who have contracted the disease and survived. Like Captain Crozier, and about 1,000 other sailors on the Roosevelt, and at least 100 on the Kidd. Will the military require the immediate discharge of members of the military who contracted COVID-19 while serving and survived? If they can stay in the service, why, if other survivors of the disease are barred from joining?

I am certain the DOPE, or maybe the Gun Smuggler, who served, or maybe Anunaked or <zero can explain this, because they are all so smart!
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