Who Needs the CDC When We Have the Greatest Infectious Disease Specialist of All Time?

The CDC, which is (or at least was, until the current administration gutted it), the US government's most important public health department, charged with all sorts of public health stuff, and stocked to the gills with some really smart and capable scientists, including infectious disease specialists like Dr. Tony Fauci, spent a whole lot of time and effort coming up with a bunch of really important guidelines for reopening schools and churches and restaurants and bars and such, so that all of us could try to avoid getting infected with COVID-19 when we all get together to celebrate the reopening of our favorite restaurant or bar or school or church. See, the CDC went to this trouble because they care about us, and spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to keep us alive and uninfected by this COVID-19 thing.

But the president decided we just don't really need the CDC or its stinking guidelines (you know the line from the movie, "I don't need no stinking badges"). After all, we have the Greatest Infectious Disease Specialist of All Time, the same guy who is the Greatest Genital Grabber of All Time, and a true genius in his own mind, the Great Leader Drumpf! With our Great Leader running things, who needs the CDC?

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