First Trump's Valet, Now an Aide to Pence - But Everyone is Working Safely

First, the Great Cult Leader's valet, who no doubt lays out his clothes in the morning, and his pajamas at night, as good valets always do, is diagnosed with COVID-19.

Now, heaven forbid, it is announced that an aide to Vice President Pence has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

But don't worry about the Great Leader and his wannabee Mini-Great Leader. The White House says everybody is "working safely".

And you can tell with your own eyes that both of them are working safely just by watching the videos of them doing their work. Like the Great Cult Leader wearing goggles but no mask while touring an Arizona mask factory (the Great Leader supposedly said "masks are for wusses" but it couldn't be heard over the sound of masks being manufactured). Or the video of the Vice President personally delivering boxes of PPE to a nursing home in Virginia, without gloves OR a mask, and literally bumping into people all around him.

"Everybody is working safely", the White House says.


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