COVID-19 Is Not Just a Respiratory Disease

As the linked article points out, and I am paraphrasing, there is much more that we do not know about COVID-19 than we think we know.

The disease started out being viewed as a respiratory disease. By now, doctors and researchers are linking it to young children, who are being seen with greater regularity with what is called pediatric inflammatory syndrome COVID, which damages the heart and other organs in children of elementary school age.

Now, researchers are focusing on another aspect of the virus -- its ability to cause damage, apparently permanent damage, to organs other than the lungs -- serious and possibly fatal damage to kidneys, hearts, and livers. Patients coming off ventilators after surviving the respiratory attack of this virus find themselves on kidney dialysis, with sometimes little prospect of coming off it. Apparently the virus affects the blood, causing clotting which damages internal organs other than the lungs.

Read the following. That is unless you believe there is nothing to this disease, and we should all get together in a big group party. For those people, there is nothing short of a ventilator and a kidney dialysis machine which will change their minds.


  • People are going back to work in some states...Yayyyyy!
  • The Trumpandemic has claimed more than 80,000 American lives....and counting.

    Now Trump wants people to go to back work, get sick, and die.

    Making America Grieve Again.
  • Orange fuck face “we need to open up the country. What you got to lose?” How about our lives mutherfucker!
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