ALWAYS get Corroboration!

It was reported this morning on CNN that an assistant to Ivanka Trump had been diagnosed with COVID-19. This would be big news, because Ivanka is clearly very close to her father, and this would have put three staff members in the inner circle of the White House, very close to the president, stricken with a very contagious, and oftentimes lethal disease.

Since the apparent infection was reported, I have been looking for confirmation. Numerous media outlets, from across the political spectrum, reported the same story, and all appear to have used the CNN story as their source. And if you read the CNN article, it appears that the "report" was based on a single, anonymous source.

Take The Hill for example. The lede to The Hill story states "Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant has tested positive for coronavirus, according to multiple reports." The word "reports" contains a link, which links to the CNN story. The word "multiple" also contains a link, which links to a single CBS report, which, if you read it, relies entirely on the CNN story. So all of the other media outlets have taken the CNN story as true, and run with it, despite the fact that the original story is based on a single, anonymous source.

This, by the way, is how the Trumpists can keep referring to "fake news". Because sometimes, in the rush to get the story into a different media outlet, the media, of all stripes and political persuasions, takes shortcuts. That is just sloppy journalism, and never should be forgiven.

I do not know whether Ivanka Trump's assistant actually has contracted COVID-19. If she has (the assistant has not been identified as far as I can tell), then I certainly wish her well, and hope they do very complete and thorough contract tracing to see if she has spread the disease.

Absent confirmation from the White House, or from Ivanka Trump's press secretary, I will choose to believe this is just an anonymous single source RUMOR!

Always get corroboration. From reliable, identifiable sources.
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