A Real Life (and Death) Test

A lot of people have been arguing of late that all this social distancing is a bunch of bull, and that closing down the economy is much more dangerous and harmful than a few old people dying from COVID-19. An experiment in Douglas County, Colorado yesterday is about to test that theory.

C&C Coffee and Kitchen, in Castle Rock, Colorado, located in Douglas County, chose to open its doors to Mothers' Day diners yesterday, without restrictions. No masks, no social distancing, come on in and eat. A sign in the window read “Our freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins. If you are scared stay at home! If you are afraid to be within 6ft of another person do not enter this business!” A guy with a gun strapped to his side stood at the door, purpose unknown.

The crowd for lunch was estimated at 500 people, more than twice a normal Mother's Day crowd.


Douglas County, Colorado is not like Modoc County, California, which is seeking the right to reopen without restrictions despite California's stay at home orders. Modoc County has no recorded cases of COVID-19, and is the most remote county in all of California, in the extreme Northeast corner of the state.

Douglas County is part of what is referred to as the Tri-County Area, made up of Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas Counties. The area is part of the suburban outskirts East of Denver. And the Tri-County area has had its share of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Adams County has had, at last count, 2,104 reported cases; Arapahoe County has had 3,105 reported cases; and Douglas County, where C&C Coffee and Kitchen is located, has had 661 reported cases. Another 61 cases are designated as "Location Pending". (A little more than 5,900 reported cases.) Adams County has had 51 reported deaths from COVID-19; Arapahoe County has had 151 reported deaths; and Douglas County has had 26 reported deaths. Douglas County has the least reported cases and deaths of the three counties, but a lot more than Modoc County, California.


So I think it can be assumed that if one or two COVID-19 positive people decided to have brunch at C&C Coffee and Kitchen yesterday, regardless of whether they were symptomatic or not, we will know in about two to three weeks. That is about how long it takes for an infection to become symptomatic in a previously uninfected person. Since there were 500 +/- brave (or seriously foolhardy and idiotic) souls who stared down the virus, yesterday, there may well be a serious outbreak of the disease right around Memorial Day. If so (of course one would hope not), there may be an additional reason to observe Memorial Day in Douglas County this year, in addition to observing the deaths of those who gave their lives in the Great War.


  • BTW, the 5,900+/- cases in the Tri-County Area represent just about exactly 30% of all of the reported cases of COVID-19 in the entire state of Colorado, to date.

  • If this 'never mind the pandemic' behavior continues, there won't be anyone still alive to vote for Trump in November.

    Now wouldn't that be a shame.
  • Actually, I was thinking the opposite when remembering what the DOPE said about the Democrats wanting to have millions of people die from this disease. He actually did post that, but I have not been able to locate the post. Imagine if all of these Republican governors were actually insisting on opening up their states based on the fact that most of the people who are stricken and die of this disease vote Democratic.

    Think about it. In Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, the people who are most often stricken with the disease are old people, blacks, hispanics and poor people. These are most of the people who fall within the demographic of Democratic voters.

    So the governors of these states, seeing an opportunity, open up their state economies, thus encouraging the spread of COVID-19 throughout the population, which for the most part is made up of Democratic voters. Blacks and hispanics have low wage jobs, for the most part, so they have to work, and thus get exposed to the virus more often. Hispanics and poor people make up the majority of workers in meat packing plants. Senior citizens who usually vote Democratic live in assisted living and senior living facilities.

    Let's open up the state and kill us some Democrats!
  • your last sentence make sense, SC, given how Trump and his Administration are handling this crisis.. this is lynching the modern way.
  • Oops.

    Apparently, a restaurant which requires a health department license to operate should not piss off the Governor. Apparently, Governor Polis of Colorado saw no humor in the decision of C&C Coffee and Kitchen to defy his order and open fully for Mothers' Day. On order of the Governor, the Tri-County Health Department has suspended the operating license of the restaurant, "indefinitely". One would presume that the word "indefinitely" should be construed to mean "for an indefinite period according to the sole discretion of the Governor."

    Apparently the Tri-County Health Department has gotten some push back on it's orders. "An emailed threat to the department last week included the line, 'you’re about to start a hot-shooting no bulls*** civil war.'”

    Your move, C&C. Muskets at thirty paces, gentlemen?

  • Since I began this thread on May 11, 2020, the daily numbers of cases and deaths for each of these four Nordic countries have no doubt increased. And the relative increases simply corroborate the premise that locking down a country is significantly better for public health that just letting things go on without restrictions.

    Today, May 14, 2020, three days later, the number of cases in Sweden has increased by 3,959. From 24,623 to 28,582. And the number of deaths in Sweden has climbed from 3,040 to 3,529, and increase of 489 deaths. An increase of more than ten percent in three days.

    Cases in Denmark have increased from 10,083 to 10,713, an increase of 630 cases, and deaths in Denmark have increased by 23, from 514 to 537. In Norway, cases have increased from 8,015 to 8,187, an increase of 172 cases. Deaths in Norway have increased by 15, from 217 to 232. And in Finland, cases have increased from 5,673 to 6,145, an increase of 472 cases. Deaths in Finland have increased from 255 to 287, an increase of 32 deaths over the three day period.

    From a public health standpoint, there does not appear to be much dispute. The nation that did not lock down suffered almost 4,000 more cases, with all attended medical and emotional costs involved with the increase, and also suffered almost 500 more deaths, with all associated costs attendant to medical care and burials, as well as emotional costs.

    In the other three countries, which did impose lock down orders in the middle of March, all had fewer than 1,000 new cases and none had more than 35 newly reported deaths.
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