Rest in peace to all the fictional 150 million souls who died since 2007.The US population is at 300 million in 2020 .So I'm curious as to when 150 million died?

Only mass genocide i heard about was in world war two. In world war two a socialist took power in Germany. A SOCIALIST one is in charge in China.


  • @SaremChuuk, is Vice President Biden wrong or is the Vice President senile?
  • What you got to lose? My life mutherfucker! You orange ass clown.
  • Actually, DOPE, if you had read the article you would have seen the following:

    Biden's campaign later confirmed to CNN that Biden had mistakenly mentioned the wrong number.

    "Biden campaign tells [CNN economic policy reporter] @KatieLobosco he misspoke when he said "150 million" people have been killed since a Sanders vote in "2007" (2005) to shield gunmakers from certain liability -- the campaign says he meant to refer to *150,000* people killed in firearm homicides since then," tweeted CNN reporter Daniel Dale.

    So no, DOPE, Biden is not senile, he misspoke. Like you misspeak from time to time when you falsely state that Hitler was a socialist, all the while knowing that Hitler was a fascist, like your Great Cult Leader. I am amazed that you had to go back almost three months to find this article. If this is the only time Joe misspoke in the past three months, he is doing a hell of a lot better than your Great Cult Leader, who said YESTERDAY that anybody who wants a COVID-19 test can get one.

    In fact, from what I can tell, your Great Cult Leader has "misspoken" (actually outright lied) at least 17,000 times (in English that translates to SEVENTEEN THOUSAND TIMES) over the past three years or so. He probably "misspeaks" at least five or ten times per day. And yet you mock Joe for misspeaking once over three months ago. Pathetic fool. Go sniff your sister's panties, you like to do that, don't you.
  • I take it he is going senile.
  • Take it any way you want. Who the fuck cares what you think?
  • He got caught lying on ABC. He say he didn't know about the unmasking and he didn't know of talking with it to Obama. Few seconds later he admitted he knew about the unmasking requests and he talked to Obama about it.

    He is senile. He can't even remember that obama told him to deny it or not talk about it.
  • Biden is a dummy like some of the users in here
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