List of Obama Officials Involved In ‘Unmasking’ Michael Flynn Revealed. The List Includes Joe Biden ODNI to CEG RHJ (Unmasking).pdf

The list includes the usual suspects involved in the Russia-collusion narrative, such as former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, former Director for National Intelligence James Clapper, former Director of the CIA John Brennan, and former FBI Director James Comey.

The so called deep State. These people were involved one way or another in starting a 3 year investigation on the Republican candidate Trump who beat Hillary in 2016. Corruption has a face. And its the faces of former officials from the Obama Administration. Obama from the looks of it ordered it all. Even the impeachment were connected to this. Shift at Congress is in hot water now.


  • You forgot a few other members of the Deep State. Like Kelly Degnan, and John R. Phillips, and Patrick Conlon, and Jacob Lew, and Arthur "Danny" McGlynn, and Mike Neufeld, and Sarah Raskin, and Nathan Sheets, and Adam Szubin, and Robert Bell, and VADM Christenson, and Lt. Col. Paul Geehreng, and James Hursh, and Mr. Litzenberger, and Ambassador Douglas Lute, and Scott Parrish, and Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, and Tamir Waser, and John Tefft, and Ambassador to Turkey Bass, and Denis McDonough, and Michael Dempsey, and Stephanie L. O'Sullivan!

    Criminals All! String 'em all up on the nearest Oak tree! Lock 'em up!

    Hey, DOPE, where is the proof that "Obama from the looks of it ordered it all. Even the impeachment were connected to this."? Got any proof? Of course you don't. And neither does your Great Cult Leader, the biggest and baddest Liar-in-Chief to sleep in the White House. Any idea how many lies the Fascist-in-Chief has told in the past three+ years, fool? Five Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy-Six actual lies! Here they all are!

    And this list only counts the LIES! It doesn't count the misstatements!
  • Obama according to senile joe had talks about it with him and officials whom he appointed who were to keep their position in the Trump Administration.

    The nigga knew. He fucked up. No Joe Biden fucked up. Can wait for ODNI to testify next week. Obamagate is more scary than Watergate.
  • Do you refer to all African Americans with the N word? Do you remember when you asked if you were racist? Right in this forum, you asked if you were racist:

    I think you answered your own question.

    Hateful, pitiful, scumbag of a racist piece of shit. You provided the answer, and the answer is "YES, I AM A FUCKING RACIST!" Own it.
  • The nigga got caught. When a brown call a black a nigga or the opposite its cool. When a white person use the n word its racist. No white here but you. Me and Obama we niggas.

    And again that nigga got caught. All his legacy was a lie.
  • you are one small coconut!.. brown on the skin and white in the inside.. bad news for Micronesia.
  • Visa, I'm still waiting on you to tell us what US Secretary of State, Pompeo, lied to our President in FSM about.

  • you can forget about Pampeo cause he is history, he wont be coming back to the region ever! and if the FAS were to negotiate with this Administration it will be the worst mistake they ever make in history of this cofa. Pampeo like i said , is now standing on a unstable ground because of whats happening and how his stupid boss is handling it,.. now mark these words and have a nice day!
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    @visafree, if so what did the Pompeo lied about to FSM President?
  • @ Anunaki. low reading comprehension eh?. if you dont get it! dont bother.
  • So did Pompeo lied to FSM?
  • That motherfucker visa wont answer. She say she made that all up.

  • Visa. Did you made it up.
  • nope! did not made that up. it's a fact! m question to the three morons.. what you think about your hero Pampeo after what just came out in the news lately?.. what say you? motherfucker Rasta?
  • visafree, are you referring to the news that Pompeo used federal employees as errand boys and butlers, and got the State Department Inspector General fired because the IG is supposed to investigate waste, fraud and abuse, and Pompeo was committing all three? Is that the news you are referring to?
  • Or are you referring to the investigation by the former State Department IG into Pompeo's involvement in a questionable attempt to sell $8 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia without Congressional approval?
  • Or maybe you are referring to Pompeo's refusal to go along with Mitch McConnell and run for a Senate seat in Kansas. McConnell has been all over Pompeo to run for the Kansas seat, but he refuses. Maybe he is not a go along Republican anymore? Or maybe he has other skeletons in his closet that might come jumping out if he jumps into the Senate race?

    There's just so much news about Pompeo, it is hard to keep it straight!
  • SC, don't divert attention from "visa". What is it that Pompeo lied to the FSM about? Good question. Need good answer from visa, nobody else.
  • I’m not sure what gives you the right to order other people around. Although I am not sure you even have the right to comment on my posts, I was asking VF a question. Since I was talking to VF, it seems to me that common courtesy would mean that you should butt out of where you don’t belong.
  • Good one, visafree.

    So-called Micronesians defending the Racist-in-Chief Trump and dissing America's first black president truly are coconut heads.

    Brown on the outside, white on the inside. lol
  • SC, you're right to some extent but I do have an interest, as a Micronesian, in any alleged "falsehood" by Pompeo to the FSM President. I am saying let visa answer; don't add to what you think he's saying. That's my point.
  • SC, bingo! you got that right!. and I would like to add that to the number four Marc, first off, lie comes in many forms. I would consider that a lie, when it was some months ago when Pampeo rushed to our region on a mission to engage in a negotiation talk. up until today, do we have a negotiation going on or are we still waiting for that to happen and only God knows when, Right? or am I wrong eh Marc?
  • Maybe this is the lie that my friend visafree is referring to. In 2019, Pompeo came to the FSM, met with President Panuelo, and told him the US was ready to engage in negotiations over the soon to be defunct financial terms of the Compact of Free Association, which will expire in 2023. Now it is almost June of 2020, and still no negotiations. If Pompeo was being sincere about engaging in negotiations "soon", then where are they. And one would assume, marc, that as a Micronesian, you too would like to know when "soon" is. Time is running out, and it looks like the Trump administration, at least from a Micronesian point of view, is helping to run out the clock, at least as far as its willingness to engage in negotiations is concerned.

    BTW, you could have found this PIO release yourself.
  • FM, up until now, I still can't believe how in the real world some of our Micro coconuts be ended up defending a White racist in Chief for all that matters?.. Hey Marc and the rest of the morons, can you please explain what is it that really motivate you all?.. any of you can answer! please help us understand your motive?.. SMH LOL
  • Again what did the US Secretary of State lied to our President in the FSM about?
  • Hey, DOPE, read the damned article!

    Pompeo came to the FSM and met with President Panuelo on August 5, 2019, about 10 months ago. One of the purposes of his trip was to announce that the US was finally ready to commence negotiations on revising the financial terms of the Compact of Free Association. Pompeo said:

    “I told you I would come here [when we met in Washington D.C.],” Secretary Pompeo continued, with a smile. “And the good news [is], we’re…[ready] to start negotiations on the COFA, which I know you’ve been waiting for. I don’t know when we’ll get started, but we now have the authority to do that. …We’re all set; we’re all clear, so we’ll set a path forward before too long.

    So after almost 10 months, it would appear to anyone who is not an idiot that Pompeo was fucking lying! "We're all set; we're all clear, so we'll set a path before too long. "Set a path" my ass. 2023 will get here and the path will be overgrown with conconut trees and Mangroves!

    Sorry, visafree, to interfere in your thread, but the damned fool DOPE has really pissed me off!
  • Following is a link to an announcement from the FSM Public Information Office about, in part, discussions regarding negotiations for the Compact of Free Association. It is dated January 22, 2020. It seems to say that there is a "listening tour" taking place between lower ranking bureaucrats about something. If this is the "path forward," it seems to be going in many directions at once, none of them being really forward.
  • Visa and Sarem what did Pompeo lied to FSM about?

    We haven't heard nothing from the Office of the President of FSM.

    So again what did they lied to FSM about?

  • You really are just a stupid fool, aren't you DOPE. You are thinking you are having fun. But you are just a pathetic fool. You don't know what fun is. Fun is watching the Republicans issue subpoenas, only to learn the truth despite all of their lies. And they will hear the truth on live television, just like all of the American people. And the truth will make the Republicans pull their tails between their legs, and crawl off into their holes. Wait for the truth, fool. And be afraid, very afraid. We are waiting.
  • @SaremChuuk, how did Pompeo lied to our President in FSM?

    No words of it coming from panuelo or FSM officials that they were lied to.

    Answer you bitch.
  • Hey SC , I would not bother with this Idiot fool, she/he got nothing else to say beside being a old broken record.. repeating the same version of the old song.., I don't think she/he can read and understand any word here.. a complete Moron!
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