I Guess It Depends Upon Who You Talk To

Joe Biden has been called a rapist in this Forum. I have been called a hypocrite who favors one woman over another based upon the political party of the accused. I was supposedly fully supportive of Christine Blasey Ford because she accused Justice Kavanaugh of rape, even though I never commented on that matter in this Forum during Kavanaugh's hearings. And I was accused of being absolutely against Tara Reade because she was accusing Joe Biden, a Democrat. Even though, when the shoe was put on the other foot, you could easily accuse the DOPE and the Five Rockers of the same hypocrisy, only by reversing the party they support. Kavanaugh was a saint and falsely accused, while Biden was clearly a rapist.

A lot has been said in support of Tara Reade, and not much said against her. I do not intend to be the one to attack her. However, many stories and reports are more complex than she was right and he was wrong. People who make accusations do so for many reasons. People are complex.

So today, an article appears in Politico which puts another view of Tara Reade in print for those who are interested in whether she is a truth teller or a liar. A story which describes her as a woman with multiple names, and as "manipulative, deceitful, and a user" to use the words of people who knew her over the past twenty or so years. Read the story, see what you think. I don't really care, except I do take offense at being called a hypocrite by hypocrites. Here is the link:


The story is based on multiple interviews with numerous people who knew and helped Reade, who rented her rooms and houses at reduced rates, only to have to sue to collect back rent and damages for property destruction. The author says there are emails and court documents which substantiate the stories she was told. Decide for yourselves.


  • Hey, Trolls! It looks like you missed this thread about the liar Tara Reade. Or should I say Alexandra McCabe? Or maybe Tara McCabe? She apparently changed her name as often as she changed her panties.

    Don't miss the part where she begged for help, and then stuck her landlord with a $1,400 bill for veterinary services. Or the part where her landlord got sick, and had to sell the farm, and she told the sick man that he had to pay her to leave.

    A real charmer, that Alexandra McCabe! Or whatever her name was at any particular moment.
  • Hey DOPE! Wake Up! Did you see this? The law firm that represented your favorite woman in the world dropped her as a client! Like a hot potato they dropped her! Apparently as soon as CNN published what it had learned about her!

    Why, you might ask, would they drop such a perfect client? Because it turns out she lies A LOT! She lied about her degree from Antioch University, and apparently a lot of other stuff. Read the article and let us know what else she has lied about!

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