• Actually the dots -- if you are referring to the civil lawsuits filed by both Strzok and Page over disclosure on December 12, 2107 of their text messages -- are in fact connected. If you are referring to some unknown theory you idiots call "Obamagate", you will have to tell us what you mean by "Obamagate" before anybody can conclude that anything is connected. Especially before anybody can include that your mind is connected to reality.

    It is really helpful to have access to the Federal Court filing system, known as PACER, because having access to PACER allows persons with access (like me for instance) to view the court docket and filed documents (other than documents sealed by court order) filed by any party to virtually any civil case. Thus I have access to both the Strzok v. Barr, et al. case, and the Page v. United States Department of Justice case.

    In the Strzok case, the Defendants have filed motions to dismiss, or alternatively for summary judgment as to counts 1 and 2, and a motion for summary judgment as to count 3. These motions have all been opposed by Strzok, and the briefing is complete and ready for hearing. The Judge in this case is Amy Berman Jackson (who tried the Roger Stone case, and sentenced Stone to four and a half years in jail.

    The Page case is more complex. First, it has been consolidated with the Strzok case for the sole purpose of hearing the dispositive motions, which include the motions to dismiss or for summary judgment in the Strzok case, and the DoJ motion for summary judgment in the Page case. This consolidation was granted by Judge Jackson because the underlying facts are the same in both cases. The dispositive motions will be heard before Judge Jackson.

    At the same time, Page is seeking immediate discovery in her case. The DoJ is opposing Page's request for discovery until after Judge Berman decides the dispositive motions, even though Page is entitled to immediate discovery. Page is entitled to immediate discovery because the Defendants filed an answer to the Page complaint at the same time as they filed their motion for summary judgment in that case. Filing of the answer triggers the right to discovery. This issue does not exist in the Strzok case because in that case the DoJ did not file an answer.

    The discovery motions in the Page case will apparently be heard by Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, who is the assigned judge in that case. The discovery issues in the Page case appear to be fully briefed and ready for argument.

    It is really not very hard to get access to PACER, and the cost for viewing and copying documents is minimal -- $0.10 per page, I think. If you view fewer than 30 pages per month, the fees are waived. If you like legal stuff, it is really worth signing up. Open to anybody with a credit card.
  • @SaremChuuk, you are a socialist like Hitler.
  • Is that the best you could come up with? You are a pathetic idiot and a fool.
  • Rats ass can you even define socialism?
  • And then tell me what trump turds think of John McCain and gold star families and draft dodgers. I believe you’ll replies will reveal your hypocrisy.
  • Rasta, they were part of the whole thing from the beginning. DNC/Hillary campaign arranged for/accepted the Dossier; to provide fake "dirt" on Trump; hoping that it will help Hillary win the Presidency. The two texted about an "insurance" meaning what they can do to take down the Presidency in case Trump won. It appears a lot of other officials of the Obama White House were doing their part to support the election of Hillary.

    And then, when she did not win, they started to panic, knowing that the incoming administration will find about the Dossier as well as other things. So they reorganized the intelligence offices in order to create the Russian false narrative. Most of the high level officials got involved in it: Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Page, Stzrok, and many others. So they went after Trump's people-Flynn, the Greek guy, Manaford, Page, etc.--hoping that they will talk; and this will lead to serious charges to be made against Trump.

    Unfortunately for them, they did not succeed in bringing down the President. So they went to the media and swore that the President Trump was somehow being under Russia. And when they were sworn in their affidavit, they all confessed that they did not have any evidence about the Russian allegation.

    So it's taken over 3 years for the Russian accusation. And now it's coming to an end. I think Trump will not provide any document to the Intelligent Committee as long as Schiff is Chairman. There will be things that will be released in the near future. It'll be interesting.
  • Marc, welcome to the racist Micronesian brown skin nazi club as @SaremChuuk @FactsMatter call those who say what you said above.

    if you disagree with the white skinned Democrat you are a racist.

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