ObamaGate - The Flynn Unmaskers Unmasked

Obama officials in FBI and DOJ and Intelligence agencies were also involved!

Its worst than we thought. Only in socialist Nazi Germany or Communist socialist China or North Korea will this kind of things be allowed. The obama administration did it all in 2016


  • Actually, <zero, this Democrat is looking forward to the Republican investigations into the 2016 election and its aftermath. Nothing to me is better than watching a bunch of Republicans making asses of themselves. Do you know what "Obamagate" is, <zero? Maybe you can tell us. Or maybe you will just be sitting on pins and needles, hoping against hope that the Republicans will actually discover something, anything, that doesn't make them look foolish.

    Maybe you can tell us in here what it is that Senator Grassley, Senator Johnson, and Senator Graham are actually investigating. Do you have any idea? I didn't think so.
  • Obama was involved. It all started with him.

  • Actually this entire conspiracy was created, and run by, Ronald Reagan and George Bush 41. See, both Reagan and Bush knew, in 1983, during the height of the Iran-Contra guns for money scheme, that a president greater than either of them, Barack Hussein Obama, an African American, no less, would be elected after Bush 43 made a complete mess of the Hurricane Katrina response and the war he fought to avenge his father and do a favor for his oil industry buddies. Reagan and Bush 41 knew that if they did not fully discredit this great leader, Obama, the Democrats would maintain power and help the poor people, which would really piss off the constituents of the Republican party, namely the really fucking rich people like them. The really rich people were called "Capitalists", but really they were all power hungry fools who could care less about ordinary people. "Fuck the Poor People", the statement Nixon made to Hunter Thompson in the men's room in Las Vegas, had become the rallying cry for the Republican Party.

    So Reagan and Bush 41 concocted this conspiracy with Putin, who had recently taken control of all of the oil in Russia, and Ross Perot, their oil industry buddy from Texas, to sacrifice Bush 41 in the 1992 election, so that a Democrat would get elected, and they could initiate their conspiracy to get a Republican re-elected to the White House forever, so the really rich people could continue to fuck the poor people. And they succeeded. They got Bill Clinton, a totally unknown governor of Arkansas elected. One of the unanticipated consequences of this conspiracy almost threw it off the rails. Little did they know that Clinton had an affliction -- women threw themselves at him, and he was too gracious to say no to their requests to give him blow jobs and fuck him, and that got Clinton in a lot of trouble. But Reagan and Bush 41 finally succeeded, and Clinton was impeached but not convicted and his poll numbers were the highest they had ever been when he left office in January 2001. What Reagan and Bush 41 failed to consider was that Clinton's wife, Hillary, was the smartest woman in America, and she would save her husband's reputation by running for political office herself!

    But first the conspiracy between Reagan and Bush 41 had to get a Republican elected president, which they did by getting Bush 41's idiot son Bush 43 elected. Reagan and Bush 41 had figured out, in 1983, at the height of the Iran-Contra scandal, that the best way to get elected was simply to lie. Lie, Lie, Lie, and Lie some more. So they told a lot of lies about the Democratic candidate (I think his name was Dukakis, but nobody remembers) and they got little Georgie Bush elected as the 43rd president. Boy was that a stupid part of their conspiracy!

    Little Georgie liked the lying part, and his good buddy and vice president Dick Cheney, a real oil man who would get along with Putin really well was an incredibly accomplished liar, being in the oil business and all, and so he had Cheney tell a bunch of lies about Iraq so he could go to war with Saddam Hussein and get the Army all the way to Baghdad to prove to his father what a great leader he was. Except Bush 41 knew his son was an idiot, and Reagan had Alzheimer's and might have been dead, so Bush 43 carried on with lying his way into Baghdad.

    Except in his first year as president, Little Georgie Bush 43 took a lot of vacations to his Texas ranch, where he went around cutting down trees and other shit, and sitting by the pool a lot but not doing much reading. So when they brought him his Presidential Daily Brief on August 6, 2001, which said Osama Bin Laden was going to do horrible things to America, Little Georgie didn't even read it, he just threw it to the side and had another Mimosa. And lo and behold, just 5 weeks after Little Georgie ignored his PDB (Presidential Daily Brief, not a disease) Bin Laden got control of some big passenger jets, because nobody at the airports was paying attention, and almost 3,000 people died and a lot of Capitalist real estate literally "bit the dust" (a Texas phrase).
  • Reagan and Bush 41 conspiracy, continued:

    Reagan's and Bush 41's conspiracy, which they had concocted in 1983, at the height of the Iran-Contra money for guns scandal, was in full swing. Reagan had Alzheimer's, but Nancy was alive and kicking (actually she was kicking Cheney around as often as she could, but Cheney was quick, and quick on the trigger as well, at least with shotguns, so he only got a few bruises), and to avoid the kicks Cheney made up this lie about "weapons of mass destruction" for Little Georgie and his black Secretary of State, Colin Powell to tell at the United Nations, so that likety split (another Texas phrase of unknown origin but believed to involve pretty women) the United States was at war with Iraq, so Little Georgie could fly his training jet (they wouldn't let him fly a real one) onto the aircraft carrier and declare "Mission Accomplished".

    Except Reagan and Bush 41 hadn't taken into account how stupid Little Georgie was, so he completely fucked up his war, and instead of accomplishing the mission he got over 4,000 American soldiers and contractors (they started using contractors to fight the wars, both in Afghanistan and Iraq, because they couldn't find enough guys to join the military if they were just going to die, and hiring contractors as mercenaries was such a Capitalist thing to do) killed in Iraq, plus another 4,000 or so in his war against Osama in Afghanistan (he never did find Osama). So no missions were accomplished by Little Georgie except to get Americans killed in wars that (except for Afghanistan where we were actually looking for an enemy) never should have been fought because there were no weapons of mass destruction, unless you include airplanes flown by Saudi Arabians into huge buildings that even a kid couldn't miss.

    So after screwing up wars, Little Georgie tried like hell to make things better for Republicans by seeing to it that a lot of black people died in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit like a freight train and all the levees built by the Corps of Engineers failed. The reason the black people had to die was because they were poor, and therefore insignificant, and also because they voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. So he gave the job of screwing up the response to Hurricane Katrina to a brown man to confuse the black people into thinking they were actually helped. Even though the head of FEMA didn't look like a brown man, he most certainly was, otherwise Little Georgie 43 never would have congratulated him by saying "Hell of a job, Brownie!"

    So by this time, the conspiracy of Reagan and Bush 41 had almost come to fruition. Reagan was dead by this time, as they had planned (no sense in keeping him alive when he stopped knowing who he was), but Nancy was still alive, and so was Bush 41, except he had taken to riding around in a wheel chair and wearing strange socks. They knew that Little Georgie had screwed things up so much at the White House that a Democrat would be elected, and it appeared it would be that really smart woman, Hillary Clinton. Once they got her into office, they could attack women as incompetent, by simply interfering with everything she might try to do to actually help people, like the Equal Rights Amendment, and universal health care, and enhanced social security for the elderly and infirm. No matter what she tried to do, they would just say no (a favorite phrase of Nancy, although it never stopped one person from using drugs), and she would be run out of Washington on a rail (a Texas railroading phrase, no doubt), and a Republican would be elected and the Republicans would retake the House of Representatives and keep control of the Senate, and the conspiracy would be complete. The Republicans would be in power forever, and the poor people would be... Well, they would just be poor, like always.

    Reagan and Bush 41 conspiracy, to be continued....
  • When you just can’t do the job because you are a tv President and not the real deal, you find people to blame and distractions. After nearly 3.5 years of chances to prove he has the right stuff, his complete incompetence is magnified world wide.
  • Can’t even handle a woman reporter. Walks away. Man, he just walked away when things got difficult. Just like Europe when the leaders laughed at him. Just got on ass clown 1 and left. Like Vietnam also, didn’t have the balls. Hahahaha hahahaha
  • @SaremChuuk, so Regan and Bush started the Mueller investigations?

    Now i know for sure you crazy.
  • Reagan and Bush 41 Conspiracy, Part 3:

    One part of the conspiracy went wrong, and that really screwed things up big time. Both Reagan and Bush 41 knew that Jeb Bush was the best of the Bush brothers (siblings, not guys who run around the Texas scrub singing country music songs), and had planned to get him elected after Clinton. But Jeb wasn't ever very good with lying, and he had empathy, which was forbidden in the Republican Party, so Jeb lost an election in Florida, while Bush 43 won the election for Texas Governor, because Little Georgie Bush 43 was really good at lying, which of course was the most important qualification for being a Republican. So the conspiracy was back on track, except with the wrong Bush (to Bill Clinton it didn't matter which bush he was fiddling around with) as President, which led to Iraq and Afghanistan and Katrina and Brownie and the election of 2009, which Reagan and Bush 41 had arranged to be won by Hillary Clinton after she became a politician even though she said she would rather be a seamstress.

    As part of their conspiracy, Reagan and Bush 41 had planned for Monica Lewinski to be an intern in the White House, and for Paula Jones to be a harlot in Arkansas, so that Hillary could suffer multiple indignities at the hands of her philandering husband (which hands were never again allowed to touch Hillary), thereby gaining sympathy from women who supported her after her husband was forced to leave office by the Constitution. Because Reagan and Bush 41 had set Clinton up in some kind of real estate deal as part of their conspiracy, and because of Bill's affliction (which got him blow jobs and a lot of fucking and impeachment and high poll numbers), they knew way back in 1983 at the height of the Iran-Contra guns for money scandal where they tried to get the Sandinistas thrown out in Nicaragua and replaced by fascists that Clinton would be really big time in debt for legal fees and would be broke, so they set Hillary up to be a candidate for Senate in New York, although she hated New York and preferred the suburbs, and because all of the women felt sorry for the way Hillary had been treated by Bill they voted her into the Senate from New York. And because she was (and is) the smartest woman in America (with the possible exception of Michelle Obama), she was a great Senator and earned bi-partisan respect, both because she had great skill in Senate stuff, and because she gave that great speech about women in China in 1995 where she said that "Womens Rights are Human Rights" and got a lot of applause. And Hillary got her Senate salary, and Bill got his pension and about a half million dollar expense account, plus created a foundation and got paid a shitload of money for giving 45 minute speeches (which always turned into 90 minute speeches because once you got him talking....) and got a lot of really rich capitalists to donate bunches of moolah to his foundation in return for photos and a chance to meet Jeffrey Epstein, and suddenly the Clintons were rich and Hillary could run for president, just like Reagan and Bush 41 had planned. And despite the fact that they had become filthy rich, both of them remained Democrats. To this day.

    Although Reagan had died, Bush 41 was still alive and kicking (with his weird socks) and Nancy Reagan was still alive and kicking (if she could get close enough to Cheney, who was running around trying to avoid a lawsuit for shooting a friend in the face with a shotgun because he was quick on the trigger), so the two of them were still carrying out the conspiracy they had plotted in 1983, at the height of the Iran-Contra scandal. And that conspiracy required that Hillary Clinton be president after Little Georgie Bush 43 was forced out of office by the Constitution. It didn't matter that Hillary already had a job in the Senate, because a lot of Senators try to become president but only two had gone directly from the Senate to the White House before Hillary ran to try to join Warren G. Harding and John F. Kennedy as the two who had done so previously. Except Reagan and Bush 41 had not planned on a young Senator from the State of Illinois who decided to screw everything up and run against Hillary, which is where the conspiracy Reagan and Bush 41 had put together almost ran off the rails (a railroading phrase meaning de-railed).

    Reagan and Bush 41 Conspiracy -- to be continued.
  • Didn't Regan died in 2004? Or is he still alive @SaremChuuk?

    Crazy and senile like Joe biden you are.
  • You can't even spell "Reagan" or write proper English sentences, and you call me senile. And when did you begin to write like Yoda speaks? Yoda would be embarrassed. I will get to Part 4 when I can. Right now I am waiting for the subpoenas!
  • @SaremChuuk, Regan died in 2004. But somehow he was involved in the nigga Obama secret investigation on Trump in 2016 according to you

    Is Regan still alive? And do tell how did he play a part in Obama unmasking of Flynn? How was Regan involved in the nigga administration collusion conspiracy that Mueller said showed no evidence of collusion?

  • It’s R E A G A N, you stupid dumb fuck, NOT R E G A N! And anyway, Regan died in 2003, not 2004. Look it up. Nancy didn't like Regan, so she got him fired. And he died in 2003. What an idiot.
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