Polls Suggest that Biden has a Clear National Lead

The DOPE and the Five Rockers like to cite polls which show that Biden is losing, and like to also cite to media articles which show the same thing. So I thought, for those that can't stand the Cult Leader and Liar-in-Chief, that I would provide an article which examined state polling, as opposed to national polling like Gallup and Rasmussen, to see what the state polls say.

And the state polls, as the CNN analysis affirms, "suggest that Biden has a clear national lead, as well as having a clear lead in "competitive", or "battleground" states. The article is well worth reading, especially if you have had enough of the DOPE's bullshit, like I have.


Enjoy, unless you are the DOPE and one or more of the Five Rockers, in which case choke on the truth.


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