Texas, Which Began Re-opening Two Weeks Ago, Sees a Noticeable Surge in Cases

Texas, the biggest and baddest (except for Alaska, at least as far as biggest is concerned) state in the nation, and afraid of nothing, especially some little bug nobody can see, decided to jump headlong into re-opening its economy, about two weeks ago. No problemo, senor, es bueno. Except Texas just saw the most new cases in one day since the pandemic began. Over 1,800 new cases in one day.

Of course, nobody can say that the huge increase in new COVID-19 cases can be directly linked to the fact that more people are coming into closer contact with other people than at any time since March, but then again, can anyone really deny it either.

Good on ya, Texas. Take the lead. Show us we have no reason to fear that little bug!

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