• The GOP knows already they will take over Congress and keep its majority in the Senate and they are going full throttle into investigating the one's who started the Russian collusion conspiracy.
  • Crossfire Hurricane is the obama administration secret investigations on Trump before Trump won 2016.

    Crossfire Hurricane is known as ObamaGate
  • 53 traitors. It only takes one to be the rat out of 53. AG Barr won't investigate Obama and he said he won't seek to indict Obama if that nigga is involved.

    Obama was the president. Barr don't want to indict Obama because Barr says Obama is afforded the same rights as Trump.

  • @SaremChuuk

    No scandals right? Like the lie about change.

  • BTW Rasta , so AG Barr made it clear where I stand on that baseless issue.. whats your point, Stupid?
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