Micronesians will pay millions of taxes in US to give to money to Illegal immigrants

Every Micronesians in America will pay millions and millions of taxes to the US government to give $1,200 to every illegals in the US.

That's what it means under the Democrats socialists stimulus plan that the crazy bitch Nancy and her socialist controlled house passed 3 days ago.

Why should Micronesians pay millions of taxes for law breakers who broke US laws to get $1,200 dollars every month?

That's $3 trillion dollars we will be giving to DEMOCRATS to give illegals for the next 10 years.

That's SOCIALISM. The poor blacks and brown and us micros paying for the rich socialist stimulus plan.


  • Micronesian taxes is like a grain of sand while the US treasury is like the beach. and if this is the motive by Rasta this Micronesian wanna be White Nationalist and the Ideology, it just sad because we Micronesian were born poor in and we grew up to share whatever we have like our ancestors

    But to adapt to a new way of life and then abandon our roots, our ancestors root and become a selfish like hell and look down on other human kind? is like wanna be something we are not in the first place..is a disgrace and quite embarrassing in the mind of every Micronesian young or old..
  • Name one Micronesian who has one million dollars, period. Most Micronesians in the United States probably earn less than $50,000 per year. How much did you pay in taxes for 2019, fool? I’ll bet you didn’t pay anything in taxes, did you idiot? And I’ll bet you took every penny of that $1,200 that the socialists sent you, didn’t you, fool? What a pathetic excuse for a human. Lying scumbag.
  • Poor in western goods but rich in traditional culture. this is what makes a Micornesian.
  • Rats ass man. Can you give us a step by step of how illegals obtain a us ss number? Where’s your proof illegals get government payments?
  • Lol clickbait title imageimage
  • So what Rasta? Whats your beef.lol
  • Assume, if we must, that there are 30,000 persons from the FSM who have relocated to the United States. This number is three times the number of people who self-identified as being from the FSM according to the 2010 census. And assume, as the DOPE surely does, that Micronesians include Marshallese, and that there are another 30,000 Marshallese who have relocated to the United States (+/-22,000 according to the 2010 census). And assume that citizens of Palau are included, and 10,000 Palauans have relocated to the United States.

    That is 70,000 Micronesians. And assume that of these 70,000, 50,000 hold full time jobs (a high employment number for people whose first language is not English, and who have not had all the advantages of living in the US for their whole lives). And assume that the employed Micronesians each earn $40,000 per year in gross income (a decent wage).

    Each of these employed Micronesians would pay about 7% in sales taxes (at least in states that have sales taxes. And with all of the available deductions from gross income, they should have about $25,000 each in adjusted gross income for which they would have to pay (assuming no dependents like a wife or children) +/- $1,300 per year. The total tax burden per working individual would be about $2,700 per year, which for the purpose of the example can be rounded up to $3,000 per working individual per year in taxes.

    It would take each working Micronesian about 300 years to pay a million dollars in taxes. And don't forget, they would each be entitled to the $1,200 coronavirus relief payment.

    Fool. Pathetic, idiotic fool.

  • We Micronesians are here legally but we paying taxes to give $2,000 to every illegal immigrants in America under the new Democrat stimulus package the democrats passed 4 days ago.

    Is that fair?

    By millions of us Micronesians paying it means our taxes will go up. 3 fucking trillion dollars. That's how much we will be paying.

    Our great great grandchildrens will be paying it and their children.

  • Is life fair? Is wetting your pants at an elementary school assembly fair? Is getting a hard on when you sit next to a pretty girl in junior high school fair? Is getting $1,200 for doing nothing fair? Is whining instead of shutting up and getting a fucking job fair?

    Is the DOPE ever fair? Nope. Nope, the DOPE is never fair.
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