Democrat controlled States in America lead the World in covid cases

Sad it is but its true. These states controlled by Democrats refused to follow Trumps order to ban China entering the U.S.

Most violent states with murder cases and gun violence crime in the US are also controlled by Democrats.

The pattern shows us all that the Democrats states are leading the US in murder rate, gun violence, high taxes and now covid cases.


  • California, New York and the state of Illinois, Illinois the home state of Obama are where the Majority of cases and Deaths from the china virus or covid-19 are where majority of the deaths and infected in the US are at.

    Look it up. True and factual.
  • Finally someone said it. Its bad i know but its a pattern that we can't ignore. Why are the Democrats States leading in covid and murder and gun related crimes?

    I know this won't be answered but its about time someone says it.
  • That I think everyone in the world can see it and the reason why? is because from the beginning of the pandemic and up until now, this as been played by Trump and his cronies like politic even when people are dying and still dying Trump only help the Republican states and not the democrats states... plain and clear.
  • This is one of the DOPE'S better false leads. The title to this post says "Democrat controlled States in America lead the World in covid cases". But as far as leaders in the number of cases worldwide, the statement is just as untrue as can be.

    The five leaders worldwide in number of COVID-19 cases are the United States, with 1,601,393 reported cases; Russia, with 317,554 reported cases; Brazil, with 296,033 reported cases; Spain, with 279,524 reported cases; and the United Kingdom, with 250,908 reported cases.

    Of the 50 United States, New York has the highest number of reported cases with 364,249, that ranks second in the world, behind the United States. No other state in the United States has as many reported COVID-19 cases as the United Kingdom. New Jersey has the second highest number of reported cases in the United States, with 152,096 cases, approximately 100,000 fewer than the UK.

    Including New York, of the countries or states with the most recorded cases, and their political leadership, the list goes this way:

    The United States, led by Donald J. Trump, white nationalist and lap dog to Vladimir Putin;

    New York State, led by Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, who has managed, with virtually no assistance from the federal government, to actually bend the curve on the number of new cases and deaths in New York State;

    Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, dictator of Russia and President for Life; Russia recently took over from Italy and Spain as the nation with the most recorded cases in the Euro-Asian region;

    Brazil, led by Jair Bolsonaro, a right wing ideologue and wannabee dictator, who has refused to lock down Brazil or to wear a mask, and has as a result seen recorded cases in Brazil skyrocket to the fourth highest total in the world, if you include New York State; third highest if you only include nations;

    Spain, led by Pedro Sanchez, National Socialist Party leader, who did not lock down Spain until it was too late; and

    The United Kingdom, led by Boris Johnson, a leader of the right wing Conservative Party in the UK, who had such contempt for the coronavirus that just to show him the virus bit him and almost killed him; Johnson thought that the best way to deal with the virus was to let it have its way; the virus took the UK to fifth among nations in the number of recorded cases.

    So the bottom line: four out of the six highest are run by dictators and wannabee dictators, including Trump as a putative Republican, and Putin as an out and out dictator for life, and Bolsonaro, as a Trump acolyte and wannagee, and Boris Johnson as a Conservative. One Democrat, Cuomo, and one unknown, Pedro Sanchez of Spain.

    just a lot of disinformation from the DOPE and the Five Rockers.

    And no state refused to follow Trump's order to ban entry into the US by chinese individuals. No state has the legal authority to close ports of entry into the United States. That is purely a function of the national government.

    And most importantly, the COVID-19 virus entered the United States primarily from Europe, which is why the states in the greater New York area suffered the most. HHS Secretary Azar announced restrictions on travel from China on February 2, 2020. Too late, and too weak to have any effect. More than 40,000 people came into the US after the "ban" was announced.

    Travel from Europe wasn't restricted by presidential order until at least March 11, and possibly March 14. The virus was already spreading throughout the northeast corridor by then.

  • well articulated there eh SC, it always good to look at the big picture instead of cherry picking the topic just to make a mini point. no sense!
  • New york City, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and California. Are controlled by the party of Hillary Clinton.

    Lead the world on cases and Deaths from the Chinese virus.
  • Pretty picture DOPE. Just the kind an idiot would go to look for in order to prove nothing.

    "Lead the world on cases and Deaths from the Chinese virus." Too bad your pretty picture is totally out of date, and your premise is faulty.

    Actually, as I pointed out, only New York State is among the top 5 in governmental entities who lead the world in coronavirus cases. New York City doesn't make the top five. In order of most cases worldwide (that is the DOPE's assertion), the entire United States is first, New York State is second, Russia is third, Brazil is fourth, and Spain is fifth. That is the truth. Those are the facts.

    The DOPE is a pathetic idiot. Is that fair?
  • And so what has orange ass face done to fix the problem? That’s what I thought nothing. STFU.
  • New York leads and California is having another break out from playing politics.
  • Just look at these democrat leaders in Micronesia. They suck ass too.
  • Z...we dont have such leaders in Micronesia
  • True none at all
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  • Plenty democrats in Micronesia. They are all in COM-pohnpei. They are the ones indoctrinating and brainwashing our youths and they are the ones who are giving bad advice to our leaders back home. All White's too.
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  • Faux Noose, some times fair & always unbalanced.
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