Collusion Confirmed: How Obama Sabotaged Trump with Russian help

Think for yourself. Don't let the Democrat media think for you like in 2016-2019.


  • Right. Don't let the Democratic media think for you like in 2016-2019. Let Glenn Beck do your thinking for you.

    According to Media Bias/Fact Check, Glenn Beck's self produced radio show, The Blaze, could not be any farther right unless it became left. And it generously gives him a "mixed" review on the factual reporting of his broadcasts. Check it out:

    So go ahead, let Glenn Beck do your thinking for you. And he will probably try to sell you some hydroxychloroquine to cure your COVID-19.
  • Remember the same media that @SaremChuuk is defending started ObamaGate
  • And remember that Obamagate is a fiction made up by people like the DOPE and Glenn Beck. And remember that the DOPE is an idiot.
  • Funny...Rasta bring some real
  • Russian collusion was idiotic lie. @SaremChuuk pushed it along with @FactsMatter and let not forget @SakaSaka also said it was true.

    These same motherfuckers above telling us ObamaGate is a lie. Lol

    A conspiracy involve more than 2 people. Flynn was unmasked by more than 6 people. 6 people now that's beyond a conspiracy. That's after the fact.
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