Neptali tribe,Neptali exiled,Eser Ebsu, Lonely scout,So on.These are all of your accounts on YouTube you use to go around spreading nonsense on every Micronesian video whether it be culture or politics I always find your bogus comments.You're a psudeo Historian mix with being a conspiracy maniac.You once commented saying Micronesian forum is a place to seek news about our region.Debate me here coward I'm prepared to tear down your "lost tribe of Israel" or "direct decendants of Lumeria" bs.Yes I cursed out your mother simply because it was well deserved.I did some digging about you....You aren't Micronesian lol.


  • I know you watch this forum from time to time so REVEAL YOURSELF or make an account if you haven't already.
  • For those wondering what the heck is happening I apologize for being this much of a douchebag posting irrelevant post regarding Micronesia.This imposter has been going around on YouTube trying to revision our history by stating that we are direct decendants of the Neptali tribe from Israel or those who came from Lumeria.Ive had enough of this person's nonsense.
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