China's Silent Takeover While America's Elite Slept

China’s Silent Takeover While America's Elite Slept - YouTube


  • Robert Spalding is a Senior Fellow with the Hudson Institute, which is a conservative think tank. During his service in the United States Air Force he achieved the rank of Brigadier General. He is extremely well educated, and has served in many and various positions in the United States government over more than thirty years of military and civilian service. General Spalding has many areas of expertise, and is considered an expert on China.

    The Hudson Institute, where retired Gen. Spalding serves as a Senior Fellow, is rated "Right" on the political spectrum with "High" factual reporting.

    I have not taken the time to view the video, but for those who are interested in a well educated expert's views on China, this video might be worth while.
  • The video will get really interesting towards the ending. You guys enjoy
  • and this is part of the scheme played by China.. clever indeed!@
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