Close the Schools, and Kids Being Kids, You Wind Up with Voter Fraud!

Apparently the president is upset with children in California. Before the president signed his Executive Order punishing Twitter (imagine that -- Trump punishing Twitter -- boggles the mind, that) a reporter who happened to be present (imagine that -- a reporter) sought to clarify the president's false statement that Governor Newsom of California plans on sending ballots to everyone who lives in the State of California (hey, we are broke! Where will he get all the postage? There are 39 million people in California, for crying out loud!), which was false. In fact because the statement was false Twitter put a flag on it with a link which would send readers to a site where they could learn the truth, which is what got Trump so upset at Twitter that he had to sign an executive order punishing them.

That sent the president off on a real Trump rant! He started blaming the kids. He said kids (apparently the ones with nothing else to do since it is almost summer and school has been out since March, anyway), go running up and down the street stealing ballots out of mailboxes (hard to do with my mailbox, and all the others in my neighborhood -- they are all locked Postal Service mailboxes you need a key to open) and selling them to people down the street (something he must have done himself when he was a kid in Queens -- some kids never grow up).

Then he went off on kids who have time on their hands and go around printing ballots. These are really industrious kids, after all. They get the same paper, some printers they must steal from Best Buy, and spend all day eating McDonalds and printing ballots!

“They can even print ballots. They get the same paper, the same machine — nothing special. They get the same paper, the same machine, they print ballots, and (Attorney General Bill Barr) would have to do a great job to catch them doing it or your state authorities would have to,” Trump said, before adding that there is “tremendous potential for fraud and abuse.”

Apparently there is video of his remarks in the article. I didn't watch it. I was laughing so hard just reading the article that I would have wet my pants if I had watched the video!
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