Nice to Have Friends in High Places

This afternoon, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals denied Roger Stone's request for a delay in the execution of his sentence for seven felony counts of, among other things, knowingly lying to Congress regarding his involvement with Wikileaks and the Russian interference with the 2016 US elections. Stone was to begin his sentence next Tuesday. He was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison.

About an hour after the Court of Appeals denied his request for delay, president Anything-for-a-Friend issued a grant of clemency, commuting his sentence. Apparently, the Best-Friend-in-Chief-for-Criminal-Felons did not pardon Stone, because Stone is appealing his conviction, and the president did not want to jeopardize his appeal. Snicker, snicker.

Do not be surprised, if the Great Cult Leader loses the upcoming election, that a pardon for Stone would be forthcoming in January. What good is a criminal conviction anyway if you don't have to serve a sentence.


  • My question is, if democrats wins presidency and congress this coming election, can they recall stone back to do terms ion prison for all the convictions found on him by the US court?
  • Good question, VF, and the short answer, at least with regard to the seven felonies that Stone was convicted of, is no.

    If Stone committed other crimes, however (such as conspiring with Wikileaks to assist Russia with its interference in the 2016 election), then a DoJ headed by a Biden AG could bring those charges, if it determined that the charges could be proven.

    That is why I feel fairly certain that Stone will be pardoned if Trump loses in November. I am also fairly confident that Flynn will be pardoned, as will most major players in the Trump administration, for any and all crimes they might be accused of.

    The best we can realistically hope for is that Trump will be defeated, and that the State of New York can charge him and his family with state crimes, where a presidential pardon does not reach.
  • They should charge him to the fullest of the law. this maniac present has killed hundreds of thousand of people. these people shouldn't have been dead but because of his carelessness being the president not to mention how he and his family have looted the people's government.. and this roger stone guy be locked up in jail and throw away the key to his jail.
  • Swamp keeps getting swampier by the day. Constitution is now worthless piece of paper. Winning so much I’m tired of it. Thanks orange fuck face.
  • Don't despair just yet, RS. The US Supreme Court came down strongly on the side of the Constitution last week, and reaffirmed, for those who had lost faith, that the Rule of Law is the foundation of our nation, and that the Rule of Law, that no man, not even the president, is above the law, still applies. As Robert Mueller III said in an Op Ed on Saturday, Roger Stone is a convicted felon, and remains a convicted felon regardless of whether he goes to jail or not.

    Have faith, my friend. Read my new post today.
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