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(CNN)Political contributions from employees at some of the nation's largest technology companies to Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign soared last month -- offering a snapshot of the way in which big tech is increasingly supporting his bid to oust President Donald Trump


  • My liberal Micronesian brothers and sisters u guys and girls got let down the rabit hole and lost your ways in it. It ain't all about the likes you get on Facebook or IG.
  • Look at that link! It says Big companies support Biden. Its from CNN.


    Aren't socialists against capitalism? If this was truly a socialist movement Biden and Democrats wouldn't have no need for the corporation's or big companies. Democrat's are just riding the wave of emotions from spoiled kids who have never left they parent's basement and have never slept on the street with only the clothes on your back. The BLM movement has been hijacked by corporate America. Like they did rock and roll and punk and rap.
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    Everyone are all being programmed. But not all of us. DON'T TREAT ON ME!
  • @FactsMatter

    So any explanation as to why the richest companies in America are supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris????
  • Companies that make oil, plastic, toilet paper, gas, diesel, crude oil, bottle, fabric, nylon, cable, hard machinery, slaughter houses, gun making companies are all supporting Biden and Kamala
  • For real isn't that why Democrats are running against Biden? @SaremChuuk can you explain it?
  • That is why i disagree with you guys and girls. Yup you have that degree but its just a white mans degree or approval of saying you've been programmed.
  • It's very simple, Grim Reaper. Biden is supported by the business community because he is a liberal CAPITALIST, not a socialist. He has been a liberal capitalist his entire life.

    Whoever told you he is a socialist sold you a big lie.

    Now that you know the truth, you can now vote for Joe. Welcome to the club, my friend!
  • But isn't that why Biden is running against Trump? Isn't that the entire platform of Joe Bidens Presidential campaign?
  • @FactsMatter, Biden is telling the world he is running against Trump becuase he is against big Bissness and big corporations. But why are big companies supporting Biden when the media say big companies support Trump?
  • The Washington Post Newspaper is Owned by Jeff Bezos. Bezos own Amazon, and funny thing he also own the Washington Post.
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    Like i said not all of us are dumb and ignorant. Just becuase my skin brown it don't mean my vote belong to Democrats. Im a free man. Never was a slave. My people control 1500 islands in Central Micronesia. Our influence is felt in Kirbat down south to Kosrae south west to KabenMarani and all the way Chuuk. I know my history. Proud of it too. Iakwe!
  • FM: Have you noticed that of the twelve posts in this thread started by Reaper, only one before this one is written by someone other than Reaper? This post makes the 13th post in this thread. Reaper started the thread, and has added 10 additional comments. You made one comment, and I am making this comment, just to point out that Reaper appears to be talking to himself.

    Maybe Reaper has noticed that nobody pays any attention to him. So he makes additional posts to his own threads so it looks like, at first glance, that there are a lot of views, and a lot of comments.

    Talking to himself. That is what crazy people do. That is what dumb and ignorant people do.

  • Big business and big government control the Democrats and some corrup Republicans. They moved to China and Mexico and other countries to escape the escalating tax rates imposes by the Democrats. Trump does not want any of that and wants to empty the swamp. Began to. His policies are bringing back manufacturing and jobs back to the USA. His economic war with China is helping the US economy. He is getting tough on N. Korea and brokering peace in the Middle East and getting the USA out of the terrible Iran deal which Obama and Biden entered into.

    Big business and George Soros friends are furious. But the American people, including blacks are happy because they are seeing real tangible progress and prosperity.

    Interestingly, the CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times all mainstream news outlet are reporting Biden is leading in the polls. But people who attend Biden's rally are so few. In some instances people don't even show up even when the venues are announced days in advance . contrast that with Trump's rallies. Even those announced just hours before the event.

    Something funny is happening with the Left.
  • Apparently you are not aware, TiT, that there is a deadly pandemic sweeping through the U.S. and Trump's political rallies are helping to spread the disease.

    That is why Trump and at least half of his White House staff have gotten sick from COVID-19. At least one of his wealthy supporters - Herman Cain - who attended a Trump rally has already died.

    Unlike Trump, Joe Biden cares more about the health of the American people than does Trump. So Biden follows the medical and scientific advice from Dr. Fauci and the CDC to NOT spread the disease.

    Meanwhile, Trump's bad example has given the U.S. the world's highest rate of illness and death.

    You may think the deaths of 215,000 innocent people is "funny." Most Americans do not. That is why Trump will soon be voted out.
  • FM, so the corona virus started in the US?
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    Are you two fools trying to rewrite history???
  • Excuse my language. Yes you two are fools to keep thinking like its 2016.
  • Biden cares as much like Obama and Hillary. Lol
  • 8 million Americans are on ACH or Obama care
  • Not 100 million like The liberal media says fact check it
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