Where's Reaper now, hahahah, your Trump is gone!

All I wanted to see was him gone, that's it, I don't care about liberal/conservative issues anymore. You can argue your judges 6-3 advantage but I wasn't really interested in party issue. My one and only reason for being so outspoken in here is to defeat Trump and now, its done. All I ever wanted was him gone and now I can enjoy my sweet victory. Trump if losses, will probably be indicted for several crimes and will never be able to run again, or maybe he could from a prison cell. Thanks Reaper, you put up a good fight but in the end you and trump lost.


  • NOW, you can stop your none sense innuendos about Trump. Let this forum be normal again and bring back the Micronesian ONLY issues, no more Trump, no more Trump, no more Trump!!!!
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    Reaper is hiding somewhere shaking his/her head..LOL
  • Reaper in disbelieve right now should go into exile, leave the country.....along with trump
  • Biden has not won yet. It's only the News Media that have "declared" him a winner. When did the media decide who the President of the US will be? Let's wait--the process which allows legal challenges to be heard thru different courts have just begun.

    The Gore-Bush challenges in 2000 was decided after about 41 days or so. It's only been 6 or 7 days since the election. You can pose your question to Reaper again after the final count is certified; and Trump had conceded--if or when.
  • you sound like Gulliane or whatever his name is. President Trumps personal lawyer. these are his words when ask in the media. the thing is, all the law suit by Trump's lawyers have been denied by courts. even his Republican supports have pushed back on his baseless complaints..? Trump is a sore looser
  • Here's couple of serious questions.

    Why do we worship these white guys?

    I support Biden because of Climate change that's about it.Either one.Whatever who does what this country will eventually fall.Just a matter of time.

    Shouldn't this forum focus more about our region's political affairs instead of those in the west?
  • visa, did I hear you say that Democrat Al Gore was a "sore looser" when he contested the Bush-Gore election for 41 days in Nov 2000? Why don't you be willing to allow any of these Trump challenges go thru the judicial processes; that is what the process is for. Trump people are saying that Trump will concede if he loses in his court challenges. So let's wait and see.

    MrNobody905, I think it's not a matter of being a "white guy". It's a matter that a person, color does not matter, has proven himself to his political party. In probably 10 years from now, you will have another Black candidate but also a Hispanic candidate after millions of immigrants are allowed to be citizens of the US. So it's not a matter of black, brown, white. Time will come for black, like Obama did; and brown people. Just my thoughts.
  • Marc, first of all. we are talking 2020 election, secondly, I'm not the court and trump is going to court as we post but been denied. there no need to wait for something not happening.. you can wait but the world is not! Biden is the president elect and USA is moving on.. have a great day ! it's Build Back Better time!!
  • visa, Trump people are going to file against Philadelphia on Monday. So we'll see where it goes from there. Please note that there is a pending case against PA in the SCOTUS. Trump is saying the PA Supreme Court, which sided with the Democrats by extending the receipt date of the ballots by three days--that is illegal. SCOTUS as expressed by Justice Alioto told PA election people to separate all ballots that were received after 8 pm on Nov. 3. These ballots will then be reviewed after the election is over. So SCOTUS will pick up the case again, perhaps, this week since Alioto had demanded/received affidavits and other supporting documents from lawyers for Trump and for Biden on Saturday.

    PA attorneys are asking SCOTUS not to hear the case now but later. But I think SCOTUS will hear it in an expedited manner since the decision is holding the PA vote count. If SCOTUS were to tell PA not to count any vote that was received after 8 pm on Nov. 3, most likely this will shift the acceptable/legal ballots to Trump favor. And he could win PA which means the 20 electoral college votes will be taken from Biden's count; so it'll be reduced from 294 to 274. And if Trump pick the 20 electoral college votes plus others, he'll go over 275; and will win the Presidency. It's one of the paths that Trump people are looking at. We'll see. Again, Biden has not won yet; it ain't over until it is over.
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    Trump has announced it already that he will be back in 2024.. what that tells you us Marc?. it's all conspiracy theories without evidence.. no more comment from here. good luck waiting
  • It means if loses after the Court challenges have been decided, then, he will graciously concede; arrange for a smooth transition with Biden; goes back to the private sector; and then, will return to politics for 2024. He is projecting that plan now; so that, no Republican, especially the Never-Trumpers will dare think of running in 2024. It's a strategy to cut off people's knees off before they even try to raise the possibility of running.

    On the other hand, if he wins in his Court appeals; and become President again, then, he will not be eligible to run in 2024 since there is a term limit for Presidency. So we'll see where he goes from here.
  • Graciously concede? Lets wait and see...imageimage
  • Just because Marc must feel really lonely waiting for the Supreme Court to bail out his Cult Leader and pronounce him Emperor, I thought it would be nice to provide him with a 3+ minute segment from Sidney Powell, Flynn's lawyer, which aired on Marc's media source yesterday. Powell no longer just represents Flynn, she now apparently has branched out into locating fraudulent ballots.

    Watch here, if you like FAKE NEWS!:

  • And also just for Marc, and other conspiracy theorists who are looking for evidence of REAL ELECTION FRAUD, I offer the affidavit of the postal worker who was referred to by Ms. Powell as having sworn under penalty of perjury that REAL ELECTION FRAUD had occurred in Pennsylvania. The affidavit was published in the Washington Examiner, a paragon of unbiased right-wing journalism:


    Unfortunately, Mr. Hopkins, the postal worker, may have gotten a bit confused in relating his tale. That, of course, is understandable, given how hard the postal workers had worked through the election period, and how the goal post had been constantly changed, first by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and then by Supreme Court Associate Justice Alito.

    Mr. Hopkins swears (more on that in a minute) that he overheard two postal service supervisors state that they had backdated ballots picked up after November 3 so that they would be postmarked on November 3. What he may have heard, however, was a conspiracy by these two postal supervisors to comply with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Order of Justice Alito that all ballots picked up between November 3 and November 6 be segregated and marked, so that the ballots could be readily identified as having been picked up after November 3 and not later than November 6.

    I certainly don't know, but I would assume that these two supervisors would be able to relate their conversation, and i look forward to hearing their side of the story.

    What I really would like to have explained further, however, is how this Affidavit, sworn to by Mr. Hopkins in Erie, Pennsylvania, and regarding conversations in Erie, Pennsylvania, was notarized by a Notary Public in Harris County (Houston) TEXAS, on the same date as the Affidavit was allegedly signed by Mr. Hopkins in Erie, Pennsylvania. And how the Notary Public, while notarizing the document based on proof of identity provided by Drivers License, forgot to put the name of the Affiant in the Notary Jurat. How could that happen?

    Does this Affidavit deserve a little, tiny, LOL?

    EDITED: I just looked at the Notary Jurat again, to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me, and lo and behold the Notary was an ELECTRONIC NOTARY! Look it up. Apparently electronic notaries are LEGAL IN TEXAS! Does that mean that if I want to steal a house in California, and I prepare a Deed with a fraudulent signature of the owner, in California, granting the house to me, that I can get a Notary in Texas to actually Notarize the fraudulent deed by electronic notarization in TEXAS. What a great way to steal land!

    This deserves two tiny lols.

    LOL, LOL

    SECOND EDIT: And just out of curiosity, does the Notary Public who was used in this underhanded way know yet that she is about to become FAMOUS?!?

  • Trump will run for president in 2024 from a prison cell...
  • it's been six days of missing we all can bury Reapers and declare rest in Peace!!
  • Maybe. Reaper, like Trump and his cult followers, are zombies. They don't understand that they are actually brain dead. image
  • good one eh FM, it's true they in another world brain dead.
  • "Childish," marc? I agree!

  • maybe just change the name to black house, paint it black too. see how long he stand that..
  • Good idea, visafree. The Black Lives Matter House.
  • Reaper should volunteer to clean up the mess left by Trump in the Oval Office...and in the country.

  • Pornstar, repo, farts matter, all on suicide watch.
  • I'll take your word that farts matter, red sniffer. I guess you would know.

    Me? I'm celebrating. How about you?
  • If you can't fart after a colon resection, you are in big trouble. I know.
  • Has Trump already started the crowfunding to pay his debts?imageimage
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