While America celebrates Joe Biden's victory, Trump goes golfing...again


Biden wins presidency, Trump denied second term in White House, Fox News projects

By Brooke Singman, Paul Steinhauser | Fox News



  • "Mr. Trump met with Mr. Obama for 90 minutes on Nov. 10, 2016, just six days after the election in which Mr. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

    There appear to be no plans for Mr. Trump to invite Mr. Biden to the White House in the days ahead, people close to the president said." https://www.nytimes.com/live/2020/11/08/us/joe-biden-trump?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage
  • trumpitude
    A toddler who gets attention having tantrums will continue misbehaving. A bully who gets attention by bullying will not stop. A grown up who makes every stupid lies and outrage.

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  • That Obama-Trump meeting was nothing but a set-up. FBI officials who wanted to frame Flynn went to the meeting with the intent of finding out whether or not Flynn would exhibit physical evidence of nervousness--which the FBI spies thought would indicate feeling of guilt when discussions came up about transition and sensitive defense issues they were to brief the newly elected President Trump about.

    You see, they were afraid that Flynn would spill all the beans regarding all the set-up and framing that Obama's people including Clapper, Brennon, and FBI's top notch people have been doing to undermine Trump before the election and now during the transition. And President Obama, it has become clear, as well as VP Biden, were all aware of these efforts to undermine the election and the campaign of Trump--in order to support Hillary. They knew that Hillary's Campaign people had paid that salacious report (Steele Dossier) to try to frame Trump. And they--the Obama people--never informed Trump and his transition people about it.

    All these are now public records for all to read. Obama was undermining Trump from the beginning; so don't equate Trump's not conceding to Obama's meeting. It was not a well-intended meeting. It was a setup in order to cover the tracks of his people for doing illegal things against Trump.
  • NOW I see. You are an idiot. Period. Full Stop. Certifiable. 10 out of 10 no holds barred idiot. Good God Almighty, what a fool!
  • Congratulations, marc. You have revealed yourself as a certifiable conspiracy nut.

    Do you belong to Q-Anon? Wouldn't surprise me at all.
  • what the heck!! Public records to read yet the DOJ Barr has not done anything?. that is on low ball by radical Marc.. laughable!!
  • visa, DOJ Barr has not done anything and will not investigate Obama because of traditional respect to the office of Presidency--not to Obama as a person but to the Presidency of the US. Didn't you read that report that all Obama's security people, when forced to testify in secret in front of the House Committee, they all said that they had no evidence of illegal activities by Trump. Yet, all of them went out to the public television and said just the opposite.

    It's not written in a law or the constitution. But the Barr Department of Justice had made a decision to not investigate Obama due to respect to the Office, not necessarily to him. If he were not a President, he could be charged with illegal stuff.
  • edited November 2020
    no one is above the law even the president. The Dems did the right thing in investigating Trump it was the Republican who went against the law by protecting the criminal Trump. BTW, Muller did find criminal act and sent Trump's people to jail?did you not read about that too?. i hate to dwell in the past but just to remind you Marc the radical Right

  • visa, your interpretation as to what happened with the Muller report is wrong. Muller investigation, spending millions and hired a lot of criminal lawyers couldn't find anything that Trump did that could be used to charge him criminally.

    The people who were charged were charged for different "crimes" not related to Trump.
  • And what is wrong with Trump going to play golf while his people are handling the lawsuits, monitoring the counts, etc.
  • What is wrong about the president golfing instead of doing his job? Plenty! Open your eyes, marc!

    Trump has not met with his pandemic task force for MONTHS! Meanwhile, infections and deaths in the U.S. increase to record highs - the highest in the world, in fact - and Trump is providing absolutely no leadership to stop the pandemic. In fact, he has made it worse by discouraging the wearing of masks and social distancing.

    He has held maskless rallies and meetings at which more Covid-19 infections occurred...starting with himself, his wife Melania, his son Barron, his Chief of Staff, and countless others.

    Like all other presidents before him who have lost elections, Trump should be congratulating his successor and cooperating with the peaceful transition process.

    Instead, he pouts, sulks, whines, and golfs. So much for making America great again. What a miserable disgrace!
  • The country is in great shape boys. Let’s go play golf again.
  • Trumpism will never be given another chance. Biden will make sure he face charges of corruption and influence peddling and bury him forever....No more Trump!
  • I suppose the winning is over. Porn star, where you at nigga?
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