Loveor hate them they're our leaders now.We have much work to do to try getting this country back on it's feet.But America's future is uncertain...


  • Most people around the world are celebrating a major victory of truth over lies, science over conspiracy theory, our earth over fossil fuel industry profits, human health over insurance company profits, racial diversity over white supremacy, compassion and love over intolerance and racism, the common good of the 99% over the wealth of the 1%, law over corruption, and hope over fear.

    That is why Americans turned out in record numbers to elect the next president and VP.
  • @FactsMatter/You mean the western world are celebrating other countries couldn't care less like China.Now that Biden won would we actually see change? Because America now is litteraly standing on her last support pillars.It might take years for it to happen given to how severe the damages left behind by that orange moron.
  • There's tons that will be worked on yet I doubt we'll solve all the problem at once within four years.

    I support Biden.Hopefully he can change things in this sorry existence of a country.But....who knows only time will tell.
  • To further add There's without a doubt people out there wanting to harm or even take the lives of our new leaders.We must protect them at all cost.

    There's darkness looming ahead.We may celebrate but that's just half of us within America the other will not.

    We're still very divided.
  • At the moment, there are no other issues that matters to me except to see trump gone....the US is a strong nation that rebounded itself from worst events before. The US will recover, and recover with pride and dignity and strength. At the moment, lets focus on putting away the narcissist in the oval office first, and not just put out of office, but prevent him from ever run again.
  • I agree, err. Joe Biden just formed a new pandemic advisory panel to defeat the worst pandemic in over 100 years.

    Trump failed totally and, in fact, made the pandemic worse.

    Trump was personally advised by the best experts in the world to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and encourage all Americans to do the same. Perversely, he deliberately ignored their advice and did just the opposite.

    While we celebrate the defeat of a selfish tyrant whose words and actions contributed to this pandemic's horrific toll of suffering and death, our main focus now is to stop the pandemic and rebuild America better and stronger. And that is already happening, thank God.
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