Is there mammon power that transcends the nation states?

It needs to be recognized that if world order is under attack by transcending world economic power then it is probable bio attack is just one prong of the attack.
By initiating a hyperinflation prong of attack the nation states can be brought to dissolution and self-extermination. The Yugoslavian Solution on a global scale.
This prong of the attack was enabled by diluting world currencies through similar, parallel, and contemporaneous economic programs; where the World’s carefully directed central banks accumulated control of sovereign national treasury debt and other interest bearing world assets with “created” money.
Defeating this prong of the attack begins by writing off the world’s public debt accumulated by the central banks through those contemporaneous and parallel programs. This debt and other assets were purchased using “created” money under the direction of a single business entity upon which all major central banking heads sit on the board of directors; and all other central banks of significance are members. This debt is now being held as a gun to the head of the world’s people; where it is parasitic to national treasuries and can be used to initiate the default of those treasuries. This world debt leverage, when used as an economic weapon is intended to initiate the dissolution of nation state power for the purpose of realigning world order in the vision of a handful who have found themselves capable of using conflict, hyperinflation and self-extermination as the means to achieve that end. The same actors, tools, and methods used against Yugoslavia; only now on a global scale, with bio weapons now in the tool box, and a more powerful and refined mass psychology media tool.
Those prongs of the attack are easily defeated through investigative and legislative actions by the nation states.
The hardest and most dangerous prong of the attack to defeat is the escalation of military conflict; something these actors have shown to be quite comfortable in using throughout the history of their organization. The toughest nut to crack is convincing the World’s political masters to end their complicity in these crimes against humanity.
For world nations defeating this play for world dominion is as easy as reestablishing sovereign national treasuries outside the control of transcending economic power; and refusing to send their progeny and wealth to fodder the fields of the planned scaled conflict.
For the United States of America it means complying with the intent of Article 1 Section 8 of The Constitution of the United States of America; especially those parts referencing war powers, money supply, trade, and tariffs.
The United States is the lynchpin target nation of this attack on world order. How we react to this attack on our national sovereignty will define not only the survival of our nation and millions of lives within it; but the economic sovereignty and freedom of world nations.
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