The Chang'e 5 lunar mission is the Chinese National Space Administration's (CNSA) effort to send a robotic spacecraft to the moon to collect samples and return them to Earth for scientific study. It's China's first attempt at a sample-return mission, and will be the first probe to bring back material from the moon since the Soviet Union's Luna 24 mission in 1976.

Chang'e 5 is part of the CNSA's Chang'e lunar exploration program. Named for a Chinese goddess of the moon, the series of missions aims to steadily increase their technological capabilities, laying the groundwork for future human landings.


  • Space doesn't belong exclusively just for the west but all to explore.

    As an engineering student of POC it brings a smile to my face to see a non western country achieve something great such as this.I hope India,The Middle East,And African countries to follow behind very soon!.
  • You forgot to post this

  • @Bull02/ I see nothing wrong with that picture.It's refreshing to see a new flag up there than the western dominated ones we've been seeing for decades on end.
  • Good for China.

    Since the U.S. first put men on the moon in 1969, China is now only 51 years behind the U.S.
  • @FactsMatter/ Oh Ja China Sehr Gut.

    Sure China didnt play a major role in the space race however history has shown that the Soviet Union was leading far ahead of United States.

    {List of SU space enedvours}
    •First Man in space:Yuri Gagarin
    •First Woman in space:Valentina Tereshkova
    •First space station in space:Salyut 1
    •First animal in space:Mix dog breed Laika
    •First space walk:Done by cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov
    •First space probe:Sputnik 1

    Kennedy announced they'll put humans on the moon.And they did.This was after falling badly behind the Ruskies's overwhelmingly success.There wasn't any other way than to place a finish flag on that dusty rock.The moon doesn't serve great benefit for humanity other than flimsy geological data studies.We didn't win the great space race China's ally did.

    But surely you know that the true VIP are the German scientists.Former slaves to Hitler's Nazi regime.Forced to create prototype of various weaponry one of which came true(Nuke bomb).Those psychopath cared more abt world domination than potential space exploration.They did launch V2 the very first manmade rocket into space but had a dark purpose of being used for war.Thanks to them both countries achieved these advance knowledge of rocket technology.
  • @FactsMatter/Oh but there's more! This one will definitely sting that fake western "superiority" and show how fragile whites are when presented with historical greatness from people not of their own.


    By the late 10th century in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the Chinese had adapted gunpowder to rockets. To make such an arrow, first apapertube was made; then the gunpowder was put inside the tube, which was then attached to an arrow to be launched by a bow.

    Who's behind now? LMFAO.
  • Mr Nobody it was not a critic, you simply forgot ;)imageimage
  • Yes, thank you to China for inventing gunpowder and rockets. Those inventions have certainly made our world a more loving and peaceful place, right? LOL
  • @FactsMatter/ Right because the Chinese are solely responsible for everything bad that goes on around the world.Was it not your fellow white parasites who "borrowed" the powder and the rocket made use of them erupting wars amongst themselves and to invade others?

    Do you both to read history books ma'am because it sounds like you lack knowledge of what occurred in the past.Let this young lad enlightened you.

    Rockets:Were used to defend against hordes of invading mongol intruders.
    Gunpowder:Were used for medicinal purposes and festivals.
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