Pope Francis has been named as a defendant in a Victorian Supreme Court damages claim by three Aboriginal men who were sexually assaulted as young boys by paedophile priest Michael Glennon after the Vatican knew of his crimes against children but did not defrock him.


It is the first known case in Australia in which victims of clerical sexual abuse have sought to hold the world’s most senior Catholic personally responsible for his church’s failure to take decisive action against predators in its ranks.


  • And you know this because you are a victim of a pedophile priest? Or maybe because you have personally witnessed pedophilia by all priests?
  • Aaawww the old good generalisationimageimage
  • You people are sick.It isn't generalization when far majority of Christian higher ups do infact prey on children.Countless cases mount as victims come forth to tell their harrowing stories.What's worse the church protects them!

    @SeremChuuk/ Never been a victim.I have a friend however who was.She's been molested by a priest.At seven yrs old.You're going to victim shame her and protect these creeps? At the end she got justice.The POS now rots prison.

    Christianity has a long history of pedophilia.We island folks must end our obsession with a religion forced upon our ancestors.Open your eyes stop being colonial sheeps!.
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