Now that things are back to normal

we can enjoy this forum like it was before 4 years ago when trump came on the scene. discuss things Micronesian and not being overwhelmed by Reaper-Trump topics....enjoy the next 4 years trumpfree, viva!!!!


  • Back to normal? I don't think so.

    The glory days of MF are long gone.With it many genuine people that brought great Topics that mainly focuses on Micronesia and her people throughout the many years have all left.

    It's all about Merica now.Every person for her/himself to post whatever they wish.Being an admirer of China I post things about their country.Which makes me a "traitor/Commie/Stalin's fanboy".

    Reaper could be lurking about watching this forum from the shadows... o_O.
  • at least, some normal is back, I think....but whaaaat a week!!!, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow,wow, Trump left the conservative party for Reaper in even worse shape than he came in, he practically hand over the Georgia runoff, man o man, its even harder for Reaper to come back in here...he's probably in exile in Siberia already ....the worse thing for that party is Trump had just shot a big hole is in own foot after the fiasco he created this week, you kno the protests and the Georgia runoff.
  • @Err/Why should we indigenous people give a d#%n about an empire dying before our eyes.Biden have just four years to turn things around but I doubt mountains of issues will actually get solved.Look at this country's state.America is done for.

    Micronesians should forge an alliance with CN/RU they're our best chance for survival.Not these western nations that wants to only use us as their slaves&puppets.
  • MrNobody905: What I have trouble understanding is how, on the one hand you can complain that this Forum is all about America, and on the other hand the last three threads, all begun by you, are all about America.

    If you like China so much (you seem to), why don’t you write about the great things China does, like polluting the air with coal fired power plants, and providing the world with millions of tons of plastic whose greatest purpose is to pollute the oceans.

    Why don’t you write about the wonderful way the government of China treats the Uighurs and the freedom seekers of Hong Kong, and the dissenters among the Chinese people who seem as least to long for freedom from the strong arm of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Why do you complain about the dominance of America in this Forum if you are one of the members who contributes the most to that of which you complain so vociferrally?
  • this is the destiny of MicSem Forum, built for Micronesians with Micronesian topics, none others....our faith is sealed today. No more dirtying up our wall with like of Reaper, Rastaman stuff. I am glad they are gone and we are back to normal, Micronesia fifa!!!
  • must shut - up mr Nobody, my only comment . you don't know what you talking about!! I think you got it all wrong!! my friend..check your facts!
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