What's this.....silence? Funny.Usually Treaper and factsdoesntmatter keeps us informed.

I'll gladly do the honors.



  • MrNobody905, If you think I am not happy that Trump is leaving the White House, you have not been paying attention to the dozens of political discussions in this forum during the past four years.

    I am gleefully counting the minutes until he leaves Washington, D.C.

    Try to catch up with reality, my unhappy friend.
  • What am I unhappy about? Why do think I support that orange baboon when I'm obviously not.I have been paying attention on what's going on throughout the years.I'll put it simply this country is a laughable joke and will continue being so after Trump leaves.Biden isn't any different.

    America will eventually fall.Europe is in decline.Newer non western powers are rising.It's a matter of time.
  • So, move to to your paradise in China, my unhappy friend.
  • Go back to Europe colonial white c#%t.
  • LOL @ " go back to Europe." I've never been there. Have you?

    Have you spent most of your life in Micronesia? I have.
  • @FactsMatter/Don't need to.When the time comes and westerners further weakens that continent will be blown to bits.

    Lol I doubt you did.

    (Kwe Ribelle.Riab in riaelon.Riinjinom,rohn alap ko am,Bwij Eo am ren mej.)<---- care to translate that then?
  • Doubt all you want. I did not say that I was born in the RMI. Nor did I claim to be a licensed kajin majol to kajin belle translator.

    Again, I said that I spent most of my life in Micronesia. That included time in the RMI.
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