US inflation is rising under Biden- Democrat leadership

Once Trump’s ‘enemy,’ Fed emerges as White House ally in rejecting concerns about overdoing stimulus

Biden is going to break Obamas Record. Its a statement, not a question.


  • all Trumps are criminals, liars, and a bunch of thieves.
  • FYI inflation started when the Pandemic was ignored by the former President. period!
  • Trump was reopening the economy Democrats shut it down. Lets not make our own facts visa.
  • that a Lie.. please go back to 2008 and learn some history from there on to this day.. to complete your searching of the fact.. this is a humble advice, not a statement.
  • Trumps economy was roaring from 2016-2020. Trumps economy was roaring even before the wuhan virus hit and even after it hit it was still strong. 3 months later Biden managed to destroy it. Inflation is rising under Biden. Facts.
  • Like I said, go back to 2008 and learn some history boy! you are lost with your assessments. unreal!
  • Its 2021. Democrats control the Senate and Whitehouse and House of congress. They can fix it all on a day. But they don't want to because obviously they know how to. And China is taking over the world economically and its military is getting stronger. North Korea just launched another missile. The world leaders are laughing at Bidens and Democrats hypocricy. Facts. Inflation is still rising.
  • @ said, "They can fix it all on a day"? are you out of your mind or what? what I'm hearing here are two things. nonsense and toddler thinking.. grow up grim Reaper, this is 2021, and there is hope because President Biden VP Harris does care and they actually doing something about it unlike your man Trump who only tweets and Plays golf.
  • Yes they can. Biden\Democrats control the house/senate/presidency...True....But they dont have the consent of the Majority. Facts!
  • You still floating in here becuz somewhere in the back of your mind, you think Trump will be back...Let me assure you, Trump will not be back so you relax and bow out of this forum without embarrassing yourself again. Trump is history....,the real history is Biden reversing everything that Trump f--ked it up during his administration..... so relax and enjoy your exile.
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