Federated States of Micronesia to increase public servant salaries

Full-time employees of the Federated States of Micronesia national government can expect a salary increase starting Oct. 1 after President David Panuelo signed a law Monday.

The pay increase is the first salary increase, according to a news release, by the national government in 24 years.

“For decades, our nation’s public servants have seen stagnant wages while the cost of living has increased," Panuelo said.


The law increases salaries differently depending on the step level, which describes the base salary.

Pay level steps one to 14 will get a 15% salary increase. People in steps 15 to 28 will get a 10% increase, and those in steps 29 and above will get a 5% increase, the release stated.

The purpose for the difference in increases is to ensure that public servants on lower incomes enjoy a proportionately higher salary increase, the release stated.

“A 15% annual salary increase for a public servant making $10,000 a year will make a huge difference for them and their families,” Panuelo said. "I am hopeful that this act of governance can galvanize the efforts of our States of Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae to enact similar legislation to improve the quality of life."



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  • The real hero behind this raise is the famous Pig Pen on FB . . . without his efforts, this would have never happened. Our congressmen are only interested in enriching themselves while they have the audacity to question a meager raise like this! You guys disgust me! I am glad with Pig Pen's posts you are all treading on dangerous ground and watching everything you say and do . . . a bunch of Judas Iscariots in suits and ties . . . pathetic! I don't care who signs or approves this law . . . it is the man who spoke out and walked his talk to bring this to the attention of our BLIND leaders and made this happen who is the unsung hero of it all! A ngarangar for you Pig Pen!
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