U.S. stock market reaches all-time high as inflation rate stays low

Dow closes at record high as House passes COVID-19 relief bill

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied to a new record Wednesday after the House approved President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill and new data showed inflation staying mild.

The Dow closed with a gain of roughly 464 points, rising 1.5 percent to 32,297.02. The S&P 500 index rose 0.6 percent and the Nasdaq composite stayed roughly even with Tuesday’s close.

Stocks of companies hindered by the pandemic rose throughout the day while technology shares largely took losses amid rising hopes for a strong rebound from the coronavirus recession.

The release of new federal data showing just 0.4 percent inflation in February also allayed fears of rampant prices increases that roiled the stock market earlier this month.



  • And Moscow Mitch said this economic boom " has nothing to do with the relief bill"?. laughable!
  • edited March 26
    I belive Moscow virus mixed with a little Wuha virus now control Biden/Democrats as of 2021. Not a statement but a fact.
  • Biden and the Democrats are making huge progress in ending the pandemic that Trump allowed to get out of control, killing more than 550.000 Americans.

    Meanwhile, Trump is playing golf with in Florida...just like he did all during his disastrous four years as a pretend president.
  • You people actually think America’s economy will bounce back after this? LOOL!.None of us on here are economists.What I researched from experts this country is headed towards the other way.This country is fked.You’re all too blind to see it.
  • I thought you were not interested in America, Nobody.

    So why do you keep posting about it in this Micronesia forum. lol
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