15,000 illegal kids are now in cages under Democrat/Biden in 2021

Its not a question its a fact.


  • 15,000 in good hand with humanity treated unlike previous Administration's treatment to human beings ( kid's especially),
  • Yup being put in cages is humane now under democrat's/Biden. Listen to urself dummeh.
  • You just complained Biden spend a lot to house these kids, what's wrong with you? grim Reaper?
  • Only small portion will be housed in hotels but the other 15,000 will still be in cages. And the point is spending and wasting taxpayers on law breakers. Whats wong with you visa?
  • Seeking aslyum is no law breaking, totally legal, and this is a working in progress President Biden inherted it from Trump. Only if Trump didn't dismental the infrustructur put in plac by US government in these countries, the border would not be in this situation..problem is your are being ignorant about the fact.
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    Those asylum seekers still in cages under Biden dummeh! They are still put in cages idiot!
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