Im just telling you what Democrats/Biden/Socialists are not tell you

Is that a crime?


  • Who exactly asked you? Who asked you to come in here, where everything was quiet, and shoot your mouth off? Why don't you tell us your address, and we can come to your house and shout at you about what FOX News, and OANN, and Newsmax don't bother to tell you? Why can't you just shut up and crawl back under your rock?

    Pathetic, noisy, fool.
  • So progressive of you Sarem. Hey remember from 2016-2020? You was in my shoes back now the situation has reversed. Then u lied and flooded This forum with lies. Now im flooding this forum with facts. Give me a Direct message Sarem. Ill send u my address. I like see you come and shout outside my house. Im not from the mainland im from Hawaii. In Hawaii ANTIFA get treated like a bitch they are. If ANTIFA ever comes down here the entire island will rise up dummy. They may hate Micronesians in Hawaii but They hate haoles far more than Micronesians in Hawaii. Haoles are people like you Sarem. Facts not a statement.
  • Know your meaning of "socialist" before posting and show you're totally ignorant of the fact. likewise, this is a fact and not a statement.
  • Soclialts. A welfare state which control everything. Its happening under Biden/Democrats.
  • btw, there are various types of socialist systems. which one are you living in? are you sure not in Russia?
  • No more who?
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    I love liberals.. I can't stand socialists. If u defending socialism oh well here is my middle fingah! Iakwe jen jalooj! AeloƱ in jalele!
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