A dead body found floating near CTI dock

As of now, the police has not identified the dead body floating in the water near CTI dock. The police is asking the general public to come to the station to identify the body. Since this is a small place, it will not take long for the body to be identified. This is scary. I thought this kind of thing only happened in Burma or the US.


  • It's happened several times in Majuro over the years....sometimes a local, sometimes a foreigner from a fishing vessel.
  • No news yet on the identity of the floating dead body. However, what is known is that his hands were handcuffed. Who else would have the handcuffs beside the state police? He was probably tortured, got killed and dumbed into the ocean. The national police should be involved in the investigation and prosecution of the killers.
  • Some new information regarding the dead body found floating in the lagoon. The first name of the dead person is Everson and his mother is from Epinup village on Weno and his father is from Oneop. More investigation is ongoing as to the cause of dead and who did the killing.
  • This is heartbreaking. I hope the police do a proper and thorough investigation and catch the culprit(s)... Whoever is responsible for his death needs to be punished accordingly.
  • Handcuffed? Well this case needs more attentionimageimage
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