Power of Rice and chicken during election

A day before the run-off election of Governor/Lt. Governor in Chuuk, you could see hundreds of sacks of rice and cases of chicken at the docks on Weno ready to be delivered to Faichuk. As a result, you could hardly found rice and chicken in the stores on Weno. This is what Congressman Aritos called public project. For the last many years that Aritos had been in Congress, most of Faichuk public funds have been used for these items instead of viable projects to benefit the people in Faichuk in the long run. No wonder there is no development in the Faichuk area as far as road, electricity, water systems are concerned. Even the use of public funds for these items are very questionable. Where are the FSM AG and the Public Auditor? Do you you think these are allowable uses of public funds? This is the same thing for the Congressman at large, Wesley Simina. Beside using public funds to build a very big house for his family, he also influenced the last election by promising and rewarding people to vote for Alex Narruhn by giving them rice, chicken and gasoline. This is sickening and people need to rise up to get rid of these corrupt politicians in future election.
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