Need for Dead penalty

With the string of killings happening in Chuuk, there is a need for the FSM National government to institute dead penalty. This would be a good way of stopping or slowing down killings in Chuuk. Now, we have two killing in a short period of time; with some more still recovering in the hospital from serious wounds resulted from the philippine sling shots, machetes, knives and gun shots. Hopefully, these people will survive.


  • I respectfully disagree. Chuuk strives to promote peace after a long history of violence. Micronesia as a whole strives to be a nation of peace and unity. I personally believe killing a person is wrong for whatever reason— justice or vengeance, it is still wrong. It may slow down crime, but it won't be good for the country and its civilians in the long run. Innocent people could be easily killed for a crime they have not committed. It could be used to silence people. The death penalty basically instills fear to control people. Authoritarianism is not what the FSM needs. What's needed is highly qualified personnel working in much stronger non-violent law enforcement, knowledgable community leaders, mental health and drug/alcohol abuse facilities with trained staff, and prevention programs aiming to help troubled youth and adults so they don't resort to violence as a way of solving their problems.
  • One of the many reasons most countries do not have a death penalty is that using the death penalty does not actually reduce crime. Another reason is that too many innocent people have been mistakenly executed.
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