Casino in Faichuk

Due to the lack of economic and social development in Faichuk, there is a need to revisit the idea of establishing a Casino in Faichuk. This idea was first introduced by former Lt. Governor Mori about 25 years ago but was turned down due to stiffed apposition from the Catholic Church lead by Bishop Amanto Samo. The main reason for the opposition was that the casino would cause social problems especially between husband and wife since the husband would spend most of his at the casino playing the slot machines and may bring in organized crimes to the Faichuk region. Although some of these concerns may be true, the benefits will out weight the negative impact of the casino. Instead, the casino will create jobs for hundreds of Faichukese, develop the infrastructure such as road, water and electricity for the region, and give provide a source of income for the people. Now that we have a new and young catholic bishop who is more open-minded, maybe this idea will be more supportive.


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