Kachuo Eko: Worth a Lot More Dead than Alive

I hope Kachuo, may his soul rest in peace, doesn't mind my dredging up old news, but I considered him a friend while I was in Chuuk, and came across this astonishing piece of old news by mere chance.

In 1992, when I was in Chuuk for the first time, Kachuo apparently filed a lawsuit against Chuuk State for damages arising out of a land lease. This was then, and probably still is, one of the most favorite types of lawsuits brought in Chuuk.

Apparently Chuuk State failed to appear and defend the lawsuit, and a judgment was entered against Chuuk State for about $77,000. Chuuk State apparently never paid the judgment, which accrued interest at the legal rate from 1992 until paid.

Kachuo died, of course, as all of us do, and an Executor was appointed to administer his estate, which included the aforementioned judgment. So the Executor hired an attorney who, in or about 2005, brought suit on the judgment in SAIPAN, because Chuuk State apparently owned property at the time in Saipan. Chuuk State was apparently provided proper notice of the action in Saipan, and again chose, for reasons unknown (what Chuuk Attorney General would intentionally avoid a government paid trip to Saipan?), to allow the action to go forward without defending it.

The Saipan judge had no choice to enter a default judgment against Chuuk State for the initial judgment amount, +/- $77,000, plus accrued interest since 1992, and attorneys fees, plus, apparently, interest on the attorney's fees.

So, in 2006, the Saipan Superior Court judge entered judgment in favor of the Estate of Kachuo Eko, and against Chuuk State, for about $61 BILLION DOLLARS, plus another +/- 3 BILLION DOLLARS in attorneys fees!


Hey, Taxi-Womw, if you are still out there, is this judgment still in force? If so, it has probably doubled again simply due to further accrued interest since 2006!
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