The Raper Likes his Picture

I figured out why the Raper posts in this forum. It is not because anybody reads what he says, because he gets almost no views unless I respond to him. Not even FM will respond to his drivel anymore.

Check it out. See how many views he gets where there is no response. Maybe 10, or if he is lucky, 15 or 20. Check out how many views he gets if I respond to his lies and make a fool out of him. Sometimes more than 100! The members are all looking to see what I said!

He posts in here because he thinks if his profile picture is the only picture in the left column of the forum, that makes him important. He thinks what he says is important if his picture dominates the forum. He thinks....

Oops, sorry, I said he thinks. Actually, he doesn't think. He can't think. All he can do is post drivel and lies so he can see his profile picture in the left column.

Here's a pretty sunset, Raper. Make about 10 posts in a row, all of which say nothing at all, so you can drive the sunset off the page.

Pathetic fool.


  • I like this picture at the top.
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    I feel sad for u. For real i do. And most of all i feel sad for the kids who had the bad luck of being your student. I really do. They all bitter and hateful like you. Damn.
  • "Bitter and hateful" because his Liar-in-Chief was fired from his apprenticeship by the American voters?

    Yes, that is definitely you, Grim Reaper. Grow up and get over it.
  • I never had any students. I am not and never was a teacher. My only true teacher is Christ, and he was a socialist. And they killed him for his beliefs.

    And you never had a feeling of sadness, because you have no empathy. You, Raper, are pathetic. A pathetic fool.

    And the sunset picture is back on top.
  • Oops. Now the sunset is back on top again.
  • Grim Reaper of exposing the lies that got biden and socialists elected.

    You guys never got over 2016 so its going to be fun exposing the lies and dirth democrats try to hide from the people. Its a two way street. Lets enjoy.
  • Yeah yeah jesus put kids cages like joe biden os doing right? You mistook jesus for Mao sarem. Haha
  • Sunset back on top. Raper sucking scum.
  • Raper sucks....Trump sucks dick
  • Lol. hilarious!
  • Err is dreaming about sucking dick. We don't judge.
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    Visa how hilarious? Economy going down? If America go down, Every economy in the world go down. It means we Marhsallese have to come Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk to re-conquer u fakaz. Hope that don't happen.

    history repeat itself.
  • FSM has lost its ways. We the Warriors from RMI go set u guys straight like always.
  • Back on top! And the Raper is still a pathetic idiot liar.
  • Yup. And he has driven most people away from this forum that was once focused on micronesian issues, not Trump worship.
  • Can't keep the sunset down! And boy, does the Raper ask some really stupid questions, and tell some pathetic lies!
  • And you just can't keep a good sunset down! BTW, did you notice that most of the time, the Raper just talks to himself? And he apparently likes his profile picture so much that he will resort to my tactics, after ridiculing them?

    What a pathetic fool.
  • Back in first, the sunset reigns. And the Raper whines about inflation, and the source of the pandemic, as if his whining means a rat's patoot to Micronesians. The sunset reigns and the Raper is a pathetic fool. Nothing changes.
  • The Raper can’t win, because the sunset is perpetual, and he is just a pathetic, foolish mortal. And he is a liar, and a whiner.

    Pathetic idiot mortal fool. The sunset again dominates!
  • And if you look closely, you will notice that the Raper is the only one who posts in the threads he creates. Talking to himself!

  • If Donald Trump could read, I am sure he would enjoy Reaper's nonsense.

    So Reaper, at least you have one fan. LOL
  • Back to the summit, with apologies to my friend FM. If I could I would have moved up but just below you, as you deserve fully the top spot.

    Wanted to point out to the Raper the FACTS regarding US aid to the People's Republic of China, since he neither supports his claims with proof, nor provides context, instead deceiving and misrepresenting "facts" to support his political purposes.

    The Raper says in a bullshit thread that nobody has commented on except me in this thread, that former president Obama gave money to China in 2014, with the implication (without proof of course) that the money was used to create COVID.

    The true facts, supported by actual proof: The United States gave money to China during every year of the Trump administration, and probably for every year from at least 2000 to the present! REALLY!!!

    From 2017 to 2019, the US gave China approximately $100,000,000 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS) in financial aid! In 2020, the number was +/- $10,000,000. So it was probably the Trump administration which funded the creation of COVID, unless it was the bats. So much for the batshit bullshit from the Raper.

  • Look at the last five or so posts below this one, which brings the blessed sunset back to the top. They are all posts started by the idiot Raper, and with one exception only contain posts by the idiot pathetic Raper. The fool cannot stop talking to himself, and what he says is pure gibberish! What a sad life he must lead, with no friends.

    Pathetic fool. Talking to himself.
  • And hello again to the sunset, much better than the ugly profile picture of the Raper.

    And the Raper has learned a new word. Relevant. Too bad he hasn't learned the new word which is most relevant to him.


  • And if you look at the Raper's most recent posts, he clearly relies on a website called Zero Hedge for his facts. Too bad. According to the website Media Bias/Fact Check, Zero Hedge is a conspiracy-based, no fact bullshit publication:

    Overall, we rate ZeroHedge an extreme right-biased conspiracy website based on the promotion of false/misleading/debunked information that routinely denigrates the left.

    According to Wikipedia, Zero Hedge has [o]ver time, ... expanded into non-financial analysis, including conspiracy theories and fringe rhetoric associated with the US radical right, the alt-right, and a pro-Russian bias. Zero Hedge's non-financial commentary has led to a number of site bans by various global social media platforms, although its 2019 Facebook ban and 2020 Twitter ban were later reversed. (footnotes omitted).

    So clearly, Raper relies on a Russian disinformation operation as his primary source of news. Russian propaganda as his news source. What a pathetic "useful idiot."

    BTW, I did a little more research after I posted this, and discovered that Zero Hedge really is a Russian disinformation operation, run by a Bulgarian and registered as a Bulgarian website.

    You really are stupid, Raper. A real useful idiot.
  • Meanwhile, Reaper's hero is very busy.

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